This section contains links to maps and other geographically referenced data. Such data is aimed towards supporting investors, visitors and residents.

The Department of Transportation and Environmental Services utilizes several maps and GIS files in Autodesk (Autocad) and Shapefile format that, due to their size, can't be published online. Please send as a request if you cannot find the information you're looking for online.

Please click the links below for any of the following:

  1. Zoning Map
  2. Topography and Storm Water Drainage
  3. Road Construction Map
  4. Water Main System and Materials Map  
  5. Sanitary Sewer System and Materials Map
  6. Sanitary Sewer Inverts Map
  7. Wastewater Collection System
  8. Surface Features
  9. Storm Sewer System
  10. Topographic Survey Kindersley Regional Airport
  11. Truck Routes Map
  12. Snow Removal Map