Kindersley Growth Plan

Kindersley Growth Plan 2015

Strategic Plan

Purpose : To define values and goals that shape the strategy, or direction. The Strategic Plan is used in?making decisions on prioritizing projects and allocating resources.

Completed By : Council, CAO, Corporate Services, Communications

Budget : In-House

Projected Completion Date : March-01-13

Current Strategic Plan

Official Community Plan (OCP) & Zoning Bylaw

Official Community Plan Bylaw 03-14 (13.12 MB)
Zoning Bylaw 04-14.pdf (3.35 MB)

Purpose: To set out the general policies for Town's future land use. The Zoning bylaws controls the use of land within the Town and states how the land may be used, where buildings and structures can be located, the permitted forms of development, lots sizes, parking requirements, height restrictions, and setbacks from street.

Completed By : Crosby Hanna Consulting, CAO, Engineering & Planning, Corporate Services, Community Services, Bylaw

Budget : $62,000.00

Projected Completion Date: 2nd Quarter 2014

Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP)

Purpose : To assess the Town's financial capacity to complete the projects necessary to sustain development over the next 25 years, and to identify the ideal times within this period to make the necessary investments.

Completed By :  CAO, Corporate Services, Council

Budget: In-House

Projected Completion Date: 4th Quarter 2014

Infrastructure Capacity Plan

Infrastructure Capacity Assessment (27.5 MB)

Purpose: To assess the capacity and efficiency of existing infrastructure to meet current needs, and to project the infrastructure maintenance and upgrades that may be necessary to support additional growth over the next 25 years. This report will provide appropriate documentation to enable the Town to be eligible for the Building Canada Fund.

Completed By: AECOM and Associated Engineering, Engineering & Planning, Community Services, Corporate Services

Budget : $150,000.00

Projected Completion Date : 2nd Quarter 2014

Organization Effectiveness Plan

Purpose: To ensure that sound human resource capacity and policies are in place with a forward-thinking organizational structure, a change management strategy, and improved protocols. This Plan is founded on the Koenig Organizational Effectiveness Study.

Completed By: Koenig & Associates, CAO, Council Administration

Budget: $45,000.00

Projected Completion Date : 2nd Quarter 2014

Communications Plan

Purpose : To clearly identify the strategy and tactics for effective corporate communications. Each of the plans listed in this document combined with the day to day operations of the organization require clear and concise communications, both external and internal.

Completed By : CAO, Communications

Budget: In-House

Projected Completion Date : 2nd Quarter 2014

Landfill Environmental Site Assessment

Purpose: To identify areas of environmental concern on and off-site, and to provide an opinion on the environmental condition of the landfill property, as well as to ascertain any human health risks assessment for persistent chemicals associated with a landfill fire. A plan for any remedial options and corrective actions that need to be taken will be submitted to the SK Ministry of Environment.

Completed By: Clifton Associates Ltd., CAO, Engineering & Planning, Community Services

Budget : $97,000.00

Projected Completion Date : 3rd Quarter 2014

Regional Landfill Development

Purpose: To work with Municipal Partners in the west central Saskatchewan region to develop a Waste Management site that will meet the needs of the region as a whole. This involves the costs of engaging consultants for feasibility, engineering, construction and operating plans. Kindersley anticipates a cost of roughly 30% of the total project of an estimated 3.3M (based on population).

Completed By : CAO?, Council, Fleming Consulting, Community Services, Engineering & Planning

Budget : $800,000.00

Projected Completion Date: 4th Quarter 2015

Quality of Life Plan

Purpose : To lay out the high design, strategy, and tactics for enhanced economic development through a more forward thinking and purposeful focus on enhancing and developing community culture.

Completed By : Culture & Heritage, Financial Planning, & Economic Development

Budget : In-House

Projected Completion Date: 4th Quarter 2014

West Central Community Centre Needs & Operational Assessment

Group 2 Multi-Use Facility Phase 2 Final Assessment Report

Kindersley Aquatic Centre Report 2015 (16.1 MB)

(16.1 MB)Purpose: To assess the community’s cultural and recreational needs and our existing facilities, and to identify potential sites, functional programing, capital and operational costs for Phase 2 of the Multi Use Facility.

Completed By: Group 2 Design & Architecture, Community Services, Communications, CAO, Corporate Services

Budget : $187,700.00

Projected Completion Date : 3rd Quarter 2013

Traffic Plan

Kindersley Traffic Report (7.33 MB)
Purpose: To recommend changes and/or improvements to the Town’s roadway network that will meet current standards, accommodate growth, and improve operational efficiency.

Completed By: Associated Engineering, CAO, Engineering & Planning, Community Services, Corporate Services, Bylaw

Budget: $105,000.00

Projected Completion Date: 3rd Quarter 2014

Health Needs Assessment

Purpose : Heartland Health Region and the Town of Kindersley engaged the services of Western Management Consultants (WMC) to assess current and anticipated demand for primary health care services in the Kindersley service area. The report recommends action in seven key areas:

  • Develop a comprehensive Primary Health Care Services Plan.
  • Targeted investments in selected high priority service areas.
  • Establish and affirm governance, decision-making, and accountability structures.
  • Review existing physician compensation models and provide recommendations on the direction for compensation that supports patient/family-centred care and a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach to service delivery.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive human resources strategy to attract and retain family physicians and other health care professionals.
  • Develop and implement formal measures and mechanisms to evaluate the success of the primary health services delivery model in Kindersley and area.
  • Engage key internal and external stakeholders.

Completed By : Western Management Consultants presented a final report at a special meeting of Kindersley Town Council held at the Elks Hall on Thursday, June 11, 2015. Heartland Health Region and the Town of Kindersley have formed a collaborative working group to address recommendations included in the Kindersley Primary Health Care Service Needs Assessment Final Report .

Budget: $45,000 (shared cost with Heartland Health Region)

Projected Completion Date: 2nd Quarter 2015

Asset Management Plan (AMP)

Purpose : To ascertain an inventory, assessment, and replacement costs of transportation, water & sewer infrastructure, and to form part of an ongoing database for our Long Term Financial Plan.

Completed By : VEMAX, City-Wide, Engineering & Planning, Corporate Services

Budget: $130,000.00

Projected Completion Date: 3rd Quarter 2014