The Town of Kindersley is governed by bylaws that are adopted by Town Council. All bylaws are named and filed according to the sequence and year in which they are passed (for example: Bylaw 04-15 is the fourth bylaw passed in the year 2015.) 

Bylaws are regularly reviewed, amended, and in some cases, repealed. In many cases, the passing of a new bylaw may result in a previous related bylaw being repealed.

View or search for a particular bylaw name or topic in the Bylaw Index.

Bylaws can also be viewed at the Town of Kindersley Administration Office at 106 5th Avenue East.

General Bylaws:

Anti-Bullying Bylaw 16-16

General Penalties Bylaw 11-17

Noise Bylaw 21-95

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 19-08

Public Notice Requirements Bylaw 20-05

Smoking Bylaw 02-09

Frequently Asked Bylaw Topics: 

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 19-08

Dilapidated/Unoccupied Buildings - Buildings should not become damaged or deteriorated to the state that they are an imminent danger to public safety.

Fences - Fences should be maintained in a safe and reasonable state of repair.

Junk Vehicles - Junk Vehicles are not permitted on any properties within the Town of Kindersley.

Nuisance Animals - Dogs are not permitted to create a nuisance to others by persistent barking, howling, attempting to bite, or chase vehicles/bicycles.

Outdoor Storage of Materials - Building materials, lumber, metal boxes or similar items stored in the yard should be neatly stacked in piles and elevated at least 0.15 metres off the ground.

Overgrown Weeds - Residents are required to maintain weeds and grass on all property, including boulevards and back alleys so that they do not appear overgrown - more than 20 cm (7.8 inches) in height; not including growth that is part of a natural garden or floral display.

Parking - All vehicles are permitted to park on municipal roadways for a period not exceeding 72 hours without moving.

Sidewalks - Sidewalks should be kept safe, passable, and free of obstruction at all times.

Snowmobiles - Please remember that snowmobiles MUST use the most direct route when entering or exiting Town of Kindersley limits. Snowmobile riders caught between the hours of 11pm and 7am can be charged with violating the noise bylaw.

Snow Removal - It is not acceptable to push snow from private lots into the street or ditches. Snow that cannot be stockpiled on your lots must be hauled away.

Trailer Parking - Parking of recreational trailers is permitted for a period not to exceed 72 hours. Additional parking beyond this time limit is only allowed with the issuance of a permit. 

Untidy and Unsightly Property - Back alleys are to be free from debris, yard waste, and other clutter that encourages rodents to shelter. Properties should also be free of dead or hazardous trees, sharp or dangerous objects, and garbage.

Fire Prevention Bylaw 23-09

Visible Civic Addresses - The civic address of any building/structure should be prominently displayed on a front facing exterior wall visible from the street to ensure that emergency responders have ability to locate the property easily.