Kindersley Flying Club

Club Objectives

  • To promote and encourage interest in general aviation
  • To promote and encourage, by all members, the observance of the air regulations and good flying habits
  • To aid and assist in the maintenance of the local airport
  • To encourage the use of aircraft in personal transportation
Fuel CommitteeCourtesy Car CommitteeAircraft CommitteeClub Executives
Murray Jones 
Gordon Jamieson 
Scott Drew
Keith HarrisTim Heese 
Murray Jones 
Dan Hankewich
President: Monte Sheppard 
Vice President: Tim Heese 
Directors:Keith Harris 
Darren Hodgson 
Harvey Veldhoen 
Scott Drew
Secretary: Leanne Boychuk

What does the Kindersley Flying Club have to offer?

  • Aviation fuel right at the airport
  • A courtesy car for people flying in
  • A heated building for pilots and passengers, along with a meeting room
  • Flying lessons (depending on demand for enrolment).  Flying lessons scheduled for spring 2013.

For more information, or to register, contact Dan Hankewich at 306-463-7320 or via . 
Kindersley Flying Club meets the  first Monday  of every month to promote flying and the club . 

Everyone is welcome.