Whirls & Twirls Square Dance


President Couple: Marvin & Sharon Dales 306-965-2603

Vice President: Frances Swan 306-463-4481

Treasurer Couple: Vernon & Naida Murray 306-463-2133

Secretary Couple: Earl & Pat Campbell 306-463-3620


Elks Hall 8-10:30pm

2 nd  & 4 th  Thursdays of the month (October-April)

Oct. 12 
Marvin Dales (caller)
Oct. 26
Kendall Smith (caller)
Nov. 9
Marvin Dales (caller)
Nov. 23 
Renz Struik (Caller)
Dec. 14 
Christmas Dance
Allan Zwierschke (Caller)
Jan. 11 
Marvin Dales (Caller)
Jan. 25 
Marvin Dales (Caller)
Feb. 8 
Katherine Olson [Rounds] (Caller)

Dale Olson [Squares] (Caller)
Feb. 22
Marvin Dales (Callers)
Mar. 10 
Special Dance
Ken Sipe(Caller)
Mar. 22 
Ray Rosler (Caller)
Apr. 12 
Marvin Dales (Caller)
Apr. 26 
Norm Demeule (Caller)

 Our local square dance club offers many opportunities for exercise, socializing and fun! The group meets to dance on the 2nd  and 4 th  Thursday of each month between October and April. Memb ers come from throughout the region.

    Whirls & Twirls dancers participate in competitions and showcases throughout the province during their season. The group is also known for community support and participate in community events. The club receives funding annually from Saskatchewan Lotteries for special dances, holding lessons and operations. Dances are promoted throughout the year via Access Communications.


    Programming offered by the Whirls & Twirls is designed for dancers at all skill levels. Parti cipants will learn the types of dances (square and round), and patterns (Spin the Top, Ferris Wheel, Load the Boat, Tea Cup Chain and Acey Deucy).  Lunch follows each dance.


Available upon registration - please refer to the contact information listed on the right

$60 for 12 lessons

  • First two lessons are free
  • Small group settings 
  • Participants integrated into the club quickly
  • Receive help from experienced dancers
  • Modern dancers may wear traditional costumes/ most wear street clothes 
  • $5 fee for regular dance nights     
  • Lunch to follow each dance night

Club Caller Couple

Marvin and Sharon Dales began Square dancing in 2002. Marvin became interested in Square Dance Calling and in 2006 and 2007, he attended Caller School at Wetaskewin Alberta and Yellowstone USA. Marvin has called dances in many communities including Fiske, Lloydminster, Luseland, North Battleford, Ruthilda, Unity, Moose Jaw, Swift Current and Kindersley.