Creative Kids

Creative Kids is a province-wide program that provides financial support for families with children who want to participate in dance classes, art lessons, music lessons and a number of other artistic and cultural activities. We strive to create opportunities for children in difficult financial situations to have access to the same creative activities as their friends. Families can apply for up to $750 for each child between 4 and 19 and if approved Creative Kids pays the instructor directly.


Who can apply? 
Creative Kids Kindersley Region Map

Creative Kids funds are allocated based on a family’s financial situation. To apply, find an activity your child wants to try and talk to the instructor about registration dates and costs. For information, call the Town Office (306) 463-2675 or email You can also download application forms at Applications from the Kindersley area can be dropped off at the West Central Events Centre.


How can I help?

Let others know about Creative Kids and like us on Facebook. If you’re feeling generous, all funding we provide to families come s from donations and sponsorships from people like you with 100% of each donation going to pay for lesson and registration fees for children. Visit our website to help reach more kids in the Kindersley area.

Application forms and program details are at