Pet License

Every owner of a dog or cat within the Town of Kindersley is obligated by the Animal Control Bylaw to register and obtain a pet licence from the Town of Kindersley.

You may purchase your licence at the Town of Kindersley Administration Office, 106 5th Avenue E, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, OR

You may purchase the licence online below using your credit card and have the tag mailed to you. Please note that a transaction fee (2.5% of the total charge) is applied by the online service provider if you choose to pay with this option.

Animal License Fees

Neutered Dog or Cat with micro-chip
$ 5.00
Neutered Dog or Cat
$ 15.00
Intact/Not neutered Dog or Cat with micro-chip
$ 15.00
Intact/Not neutered Dog or Cat
$ 20.00
Replacement Tag
$ 5.00

When applying for a licence, the applicant shall be prepared to provide:

  1. A physical description of the animal
  2. The breed, in the case of a dog
  3. The sex of the animal, and information on whether it has been spayed/neutered
  4. The name of the animal
  5. Any other relevant information such as a tattoo, microchip, unique markings or medical conditions required with respect to the animal
  6. The name, address and telephone number of the primary owner of the dog or cat

When issuing a licence, the Town will supply the applicant with a tag and a receipt for payment of the licence.

A dog that is used as a service animal, such as a guide or “seeing eye” dog shall be registered and licensed without the prescribed fee.

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