Pet License

Every owner of a dog or cat within the Town of Kindersley is obligated by the Animal Control Bylaw to register and obtain a pet licence from the Town of Kindersley.

You may purchase your licence at the Town of Kindersley Administration Office, 106 5th Avenue E, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, OR

You may purchase the licence online below using your credit card and have the tag mailed to you. Please note that a transaction fee (2.5% of the total charge) is applied by the online service provider if you choose to pay with this option.

Animal License Fees

Annual License Fee for Non Aggressive Animals
For each male or female dog
$ 50.00
For each neutered/spayed dog, 10kg or less
$   5.00
For each neutered/spayed dog 11 kg – 20 kg
$ 15.00
For each neutered/spayed dog 21 + kg
$ 20.00
Annual License Fees for Cats
For each male or female cat
$ 50.00
For each neutered/spayed cat
$ 10.00
Annual License Fees for Aggressive Animal
Any animal declared Aggressive
Lost Dog or Cat License Replacement Fee
$    2.00

When applying for a licence, the applicant shall be prepared to provide:

  1. A physical description of the animal
  2. The breed, in the case of a dog
  3. The sex of the animal, and information on whether it has been spayed/neutered
  4. The name of the animal
  5. Any other relevant information such as a tattoo, microchip, unique markings or medical conditions required with respect to the animal
  6. The name, address and telephone number of the primary owner of the dog or cat

When issuing a licence, the Town will supply the applicant with a tag and a receipt for payment of the licence.

A dog that is used as a service animal, such as a guide or “seeing eye” dog shall be registered and licensed without the prescribed fee.

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