Motherwell Reservoir Aeration Project

The Motherwell Reservoir Aeration Project is an exciting partnership initiative between the Town of Kindersley, Kindersley Regional Park, Kindersley Wildlife Federation, and the Kindersley Community Walking Trail Committee.

The purpose of the project is to transition the reservoir from its previous role as a back-up water source into a recreational water area that will continue to be developed in years to come for a variety of activities.

Once the aeration system has been installed, the Kindersley Wildlife Federation will be stocking the Motherwell Reservoir with fish (perch) and constructing a fishing dock. 

The cost of the aeration system is $62,000. Some donations have already been obtained for this project, but more are required. Grants are also being sought. Once all funding is in place, the project will move ahead.

The Town of Kindersley will continue to provide maintenance of the area with the support of the partnering organizations.

If you would like more information or are interested in contributing to this project, please contact the Town of Kindersley Administration Office at 306-463-2675.

Motherwell Reservoir Aeration Project

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