Hydrant Flushing

Each year, the Kindersley Fire Department conducts scheduled fire hydrant flushing throughout town, usually beginning in May. Fire hydrant flushing is a critical component to maintaining the Town of Kindersley's water infrastructure.

Why We Flush Hydrants

Flushing removes build-up in fire hydrants and water mains and brings fresh water into pipes that are used infrequently. Every fire hydrant is also inspected for proper operation to ensure reliable use for fire protection.

What to Expect

In areas where fire hydrants are flushed, residents may notice a temporary discolouration of water and/or a temporary reduction in water pressure. The discoloration is not harmful and can be resolved by running cold water through a faucet until any sediment is flushed out. If you notice crews flushing hydrants nearby, check for discoloured water before doing laundry.

The Town of Kindersley aims to communicate planned hydrant flushing with as much advance notice as possible to ensure this maintenance work does not provide an inconvenience for residents. You can subscribe to Voyent Alert notifications and weekly E-Updates, or follow the Town on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date. 

Please refer to the Hydrant Flushing Map pictured below for further details on the specific location of hydrants when notified.


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