Street Cleaning

Spring Season

Once snow has melted in early spring, our priority is to clean sand and salt residue off the streets. Sand and salt is used throughout the winter months to treat surface ice and ensure that roadways and intersections are safe for travel. Higher amounts of sediment can be found on priority routes, which include main arterial roads, emergency routes, and school zones, as they receive more attention during winter months.

Summer Season

*The Street Sweeping Schedule is applicable, weather permitting, between May 1 and September 30.

The Regular Street Sweeping Schedule was created as a notification tool to assist with removal of parked vehicles for better cleaning of scheduled streets.  The schedule takes into account the waste and recycle collection schedule in order to reduce the incidence of carts left along the curb of streets to be cleaned. Please note, the Regular Street Sweeping Schedule is subject to several conditions and may not occur on schedule, or at all, if one or more of the following is applicable:

  1. Streets are clean or free of excess sediment
  2. Weather conditions do not allow for cleaning
  3. Equipment failure
  4. Unforeseen circumstances affected available Public Works staff, such as a water main break or other infrastructure repairs
  5. Local emergency

Winter Season

In preparation for winter, the sweeper is used to remove leaves and debris from gutters to ensure proper drainage.

Street Cleaning Schedule.jpg


Commonly Asked Street Sweeper Questions

Why is a 3-ton parked in my neighborhood? 
The sweeper empties into a 3-ton and this silt like material is used as cover at the landfill.  The 3-ton is parked in an area for easy access that the sweeper is working in that day.

Why is a hose attached to a hydrant? 
The sweeper fills from a hydrant.

The Town of Kindersley also offers provides custom work street sweeping services to local businesses for a current rate of $85 per hour.