Signs & Pavement Markings

Like all other major jurisdictions, Kindersley follows the Canadian national standard to provide uniform traffic signs and pavement markings for improved safety and motorists' guidance. Regardless of what types of traffic control signs are installed, citizens are most interested in the safety and effective use of several traffic control types. However, unwarranted installations could deteriorate safety. The following sections will provide information on these types of traffic control.

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings throughout the town are administered through the Transportation Department. The upkeep of the painted pavement markings is completed each year as part of the Public Works annual painting program.

Inlaid or sprayed durable pavement marking materials are installed mostly on arterial roadways. After the service life of the durable materials, the markings are maintained by the Public Works department.

To inquire about or request pavement markings, please contact the Transportation Department.

Traffic Signs

To report a traffic sign that has been knocked down or is missing, please contact the Public Works Department  at 306-463-2675.

If a traffic sign is blocked by an overhanging branch or obstruction, please contact the  Parks Department  at 306-463-2675.


Providing safe crossing control and protection for pedestrians is complex and challenging. Crossings may consist of regulatory signs, warning signs, pavement markings or traffic signals. To request a pedestrian crossing, please contact the Transportation Department.

School Zones

School Zones are marked with fluorescent yellow signs. Kindersley's Traffic Bylaw currently designates school zones are being applicable year-round, even when school is not in session.

Playground Zones

Playground Zones are marked with fluorescent yellow signs. The speed within Playground Zones is 30 km/hr and is in effect from  8:30 a.m. to one hour after sunset each day of the week.

Disable Parking Zones

Residential on-street disabled parking zones are marked with a Parking Prohibited Except Disabled sign.

Disabled parking zones are indicated by the following:

  • A "Parking Prohibited Except Disabled" Sign
  • A pavement marking in the middle of the parking area indicating Access for the Disabled.
  • Blue paint on the curb.

To have a disabled parking zone installed, please email the Transportation Department or phone 306-463-2675 .