Past Infrastructure Work

2017 Road Infrastructure Work

The Town plans to spend approximately $1.15 million in road rehabilitation in 2017. The following locations are scheduled for asphalt resurfacing and sidewalk concrete:

  • 6th Avenue West (asphalt and sidewalk)
  • 12th Avenue East (asphalt)
  • Intersection of Main Street and Railway Avenue
  • Various sidewalk portions throughout town

In addition, paving will take place at the Kindersley Regional Airport. A budget of $116,600 has been allocated toward paving of the Helipad Access and Taxi C.

The Town’s Long-term Infrastructure Plan assesses the condition of all road surfaces, rating such components as road cracking, ruts, and curb and gutter safety on a scale of poor to good. The condition of adjoining infrastructure such as water, stormwater and sanitary sewer pipes and valves is also factored into the projected work plan. The Town of Kindersley has a total of 75 kilometres of paved road surface.

Private property including parking lots and mobile home estates is the responsibility of the property or landowner to repair and maintain the roads. The Ministry of Highways is responsible for paving the approaches off of Highway 7 and 21.

2017 sidewalk work will include the construction of wheelchair access ramps and several portions of sidewalk.

Wheelchair Ramps

1st Street West/ Railway Ave
3rd St W /1st Ave W
Railway Ave /1st Ave W
2nd St E x 4th Ave E
2nd Ave E and 2nd St E, NW & SW corners

Sidewalk Panels

1007-2nd St W (3+2 panels)
5 Panels
400-3rd St W
2 Panels
O Connor court-sidewalk needs to be replaced (Gary Gassner-phone Message)
10 Panels
109-113-2nd Ave E – Provincial Building – Roland 306-460-7917
7 Panels
400-2nd Street East – Arena near north entrance along 2nd Street East
2 P at park side
600 – 2nd St East
2 Panels.
319 -1st Ave W 2 panels
2 Panels.
212,214,216 -1st Ave W
10 Panels.
202-1st Ave E
3 Panels
313-2nd Ave W
2 Panels + C&G
In front of 412, @ 3rd Ave W
3 Panels
311-2nd Ave W
4 Panels
In front of 302, 3rd Ave W
Main St. Project PV Mart
20 Panels
8-15 Stevenson court
10 panels
63 O corner Cres Corner
3 Panels
2nd St E(200). Mc Gowen Park
4 Panels
307-1st Ave West
3 Panels
300 – 2nd Street /main street coop pharmacy
3 Panels