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The Town’s primary goal is to improve and maintain infrastructure to the highest standard possible and to maximize tax dollars to achieve this in the most efficient way.

In order to determine and prioritize current and future maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of all Kindersley surface and sub-surface infrastructure, the Town of Kindersley develops and maintains a long-term infrastructure plan, asset management plan, and long-term financial plan. This is an extensive program that involves a detailed identification, assessment and analysis of the conditions of the Town's infrastructure, including roads, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, sewer lines, water lines, and storm lines, and assigning condition indexing of each. 

Additionally, an Infrastructure Capacity Assessment was completed in 2014, which informs us of the current capacity of Kindersley infrastructure to support future residential, commercial, and industrial development. (See also: Kindersley Growth Plan)

Funding Infrastructure Work

Approximately half the cost of Kindersley’s current infrastructure work is financed by revenue generated from the annual per household infrastructure/road work levy of $300. The Town budgets a matching amount as much as the mill rate will allow.

Asset Management

The Town of Kindersley has a total of 75 kilometres of paved road surface. Through the use of sophisticated asset management software, the Town of Kindersley is able to monitor and determine use and lifespan of infrastructure and equipment in order to plan and budget proactively for necessary replacement and future work.

The Town’s Long-term Infrastructure Plan assesses the condition of all road surfaces, rating such components as road cracking, ruts, and curb and gutter safety on a scale of poor to good. The condition of adjoining infrastructure such as water, stormwater and sanitary sewer pipes and valves is also factored into the projected work plan. 

Private property including parking lots and mobile home estates is the responsibility of the property or landowner to repair and maintain the roads. The Ministry of Highways is responsible for paving the approaches off of Highway 7 and 21.

The Road Construction Improvement Map 1979-2016 provides an overview of work completed within the Town of Kindersley.

Road Construction Improvement Map 1979-2016.jpg

The Transportation and Environmental Services Department regularly reviews and assesses the conditions of all infrastructure within Kindersley. Below are comprehensive plans for infrastructure work to be completed between 2015 and beyond. 

(Note: Mobile home communities such as Prairie Winds Estates, Golf View Estates, and others are privately owned. Property taxes are paid by the estate landowner and road and water infrastructure contained within these properties is also the responsibility of the land owner to maintain. See also: Mobile Home Estate Infrastructure).

Road Work Plan

Click the following link or image below to view the Town of Kindersley's Asphalt and Concrete Infrastructure Priority Plan.

Note: Priority order/ sequence of the infrastructure listed in plans is subject to change and project implementation will be conducted on the basis of funds available.

View Completed Road Construction

Water Main Replacement Plan

Click the following link or image below to view the Town of Kindersley's Water Main Priority Plan.

Note: Priority order/sequence of the infrastructure listed in the above plans is subject to change and project implementation will be conducted on the basis of funds available.

Precautionary Drinking Water Advisories

Often, during periods of major infrastructure work and immediately following completion, a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory is put in place until water quality tests can confirm that it is completely safe for consumption. Read more...

To accommodate these improvements, there may be brief disruptions in water service when the temporary water line is put into operation and when residences are reconnected to the main line after repairs are complete.

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