Garbage & Recycling

2018 Spring Waste Extravaganza

Saturday, June 9 at the Kindersley Waste and Recycle Centre, Highway 21

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Curbside Garbage and Recycle Collection

The Town of Kindersley contracts Loraas Environmental Services Ltd. to conduct curbside cart collection of solid waste and recyclable materials for all residential properties within Kindersley. Garbage collection is conducted weekly, and recycle collection is performed on a bi-weekly basis.

For issues or concerns related to your curbside waste or recycle collection, contact Loraas at 306-463-2008.

See also: Loraas Environmental Waste Collection Brochure

Single Stream Recycling

The Town of Kindersley is committed to waste minimization and diversion through our single stream recycling and compost programs. With the single stream recycling program, all recyclable materials can be placed into the blue bins together - no sorting or separating required. Single stream blue bins are also available at the Kindersley Waste and Recycle Centre.

Acceptable Materials

Acceptable materials must be clean and consist of the following: beverage containers (aluminum cans, plastic bottles/jugs, milk cartons, juice boxes), metal (aluminum, household tin), plastic (all household plastics labeled with any #1-7 symbol), paper fibre materials (newsprint, paper, flattened cardboard, etc.)

Single Stream Recycling Guide

See also: Loraas Environmental Single Stream Recycling Brochure

Recycle Schedule and Collection Zones

Download 2018 Waste and Recycle Collection Schedule or click the images below


Statutory Holidays

*Please note, in the case of statutory holidays, collection days will take place on the Monday nearest to the holiday. For example, if the holiday is on Tuesday or Wednesday, collection will take place the Monday BEFORE. If the holiday is on Thursday or Friday, collection will take place the Monday AFTER.

Compost Curbside Collection

Loraas Environmental and the Town of Kindersley are pleased to begin a subscription-based curbside compost collection program, starting May 2015. This exciting waste diversion program is another initiative that will save valuable landfill space and provide a natural product that can be reused to maintain and fertilize Kindersley parks. To subscribe, phone 306-463-2008.

Allowable materials: unbagged leaves, grass clippings, non-woody vegetation and plant waste

Separate green carts will be provided to subscribers of the compost program. Collection days will occur every two weeks, alternating with regularly scheduled recycle days. Materials accepted include lawn/garden waste, branches, and non-organic items. Food compost is not included in this program.

The following yard waste is also accepted in the compost area provided at the Kindersley Waste and Recycle Centre: leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, and tree branches (non elm species only). All leaves and grass clippings must be removed from garbage bags.

Waste and Recycle Centre

The Kindersley Waste and Recycle Centre accepts a great variety of solid waste and recyclable materials, and is located along Highway 21 south, on the west side of Kindersley. As part of the Town of Kindersley's goal to improve efficiencies at the Waste and Recycle Centre, new procedures are in place since the beginning of 2015 to ensure that fees are being appropriately collected and that only acceptable material is being dumped in the landfill.

All visitors must check in at the weigh scale security trailer upon entering the site, report the materials being disposed of, and pay related disposal fees prior to accessing the landfill.

All garbage must be sorted or it will be turned away. These security measures provide added security and safety at the facility and ensure that unaccepted materials are not being delivered onto the property.

The Waste and Recycle Centre accepts all sorted and bagged or tied regular household and commercial waste originating within the Town and RM of Kindersley. Concrete, asphalt, metal, organic waste, yard waste, appliances, furniture, and construction waste are all accepted. Venting, ducting, pipes, steel tables, steel rims, and barrels are all accepted.

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

8:00 am to 12:00 pm

The Town of Kindersley must operate the landfill in accordance with the rules and regulations set by Saskatchewan Environment; therefore, everyone must sort their waste and ensure that the designated areas are utilized.  As a result of the landfill fire, new restrictions have been placed on the landfill and its operations.

NOTE:  Only waste from Kindersley and the RM of Kindersley can be accepted.

Landfill Rates - Schedule A

Additional Resources:

The disposal costs at landfills for material for which there is no alternate use (waste construction and demolition (C&D) material) are high due to large volumes, weights and the mixture of several types of waste which may be difficult and costly to compact and cover. In some cases, owners of smaller landfills may be reluctant to accept C&D waste as large amounts of unexpected waste can quickly shorten the life of a landfill. The construction industry has been proactive in minimizing cost and construction material waste in the building of new structures. The potential for recycling or re-use of C&D material could significantly reduce waste disposal at landfills.

Ministry of Environment - Construction and Demolition Waste Management and Disposal

Solid Waste Management Bylaw