Animal Control

The Animal Control Department is dedicated to enforcing the Animal Control Bylaw and all related provincial regulations, in addition to reducing the incidence of animal/human contact by promoting responsible pet ownership through public education. 

All pet owners within the Town of Kindersley are required to obtain an animal licence

Current Pet Licence Fees:

Micro-chipped Dog or Cat (Neutered)$  5.00
Dog or Cat (Neutered)$ 15.00
Micro-chipped Dog or Cat (Intact/Not neutered)$ 15.00
Dog or Cat (Intact/Not neutered)$ 20.00
Replacement tag$  5.00

Town of Kindersley Animal Control strongly urges pet owners to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. Pets that are spayed or neutered remain healthier and are less likely to roam.

Reporting an Animal

To report a stray or injured animal, or to inquire about missing pets, please contact 306-463-2675.

You can also check our Facebook Page to see if your pet, or one you know is waiting for someone to pick them up!

Getting Involved

Kindersley Animal Control Pound often receives inquiries from residents and businesses who wish to donate food, litter, and other supplies needed to make the shelter comfortable and safe for the animals. All donations are gratefully accepted. Tax deductible receipts can be issued by the Town of Kindersley for most donations. When donating money, please specify if you wish the donation to be toward a particular need.

The Animal Control Pound has a number of capital projects that are required to improve the facility and its operations. These projects will be carried out as our budget allows. They include privacy fencing, covered dog runs, and improvements to the shelter’s ventilation. If you wish to make contributions toward these projects, please contact the Kindersley Town Office at 306-463-2675.

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