Property Assessments

Property assessment is a key part of the municipal taxation process.  Assessment is the process of valuing all properties within a jurisdiction using a specified appraisal technique.

The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is an independent agency bound by provincial legislation that provides property assessment services to Saskatchewan municipalities.  The Town of Kindersley’s Assessor works with SAMA to determine reliable assessment values for local properties.  Properties are re-assessed every four years.  2017 was a re-assessment year in Saskatchewan.

It is important to recognize that property assessment values may not necessarily reflect market value growth, except when re-evaluation updates occur every four years.  When property assessments are calculated, a base date is selected and the assessment reflects the value of the property as it would have existed on that base date.


Assessed ValueXPercentage of Value & ExemptionsXMill Rates*=Property Taxes

*Municipalities have the authority to use a series of tax tools ranging from mill rate factors to minimum taxes. SAMA's role in determining assessed value for properties is just the first part of a process established by provincial legislation. The second part is application of provincial government-established tax policy, such as property classes and percentage of value, and statutory exemptions. The third and final part of the process involves municipalities annually determining the local mill rate based on local budget needs. The province sets the mill rate for the education sector. Municipalities then multiply the taxable assessment by the local mill rate to produce property tax levies, also known as your property tax bill.

Kindersley's total assessment is $204,834,260 and encompasses a total of 1550 proprerties with residential assessment. This results in an unweighted average taxable assessment of $132,141.14. However, given that there are a number of properties that are above commercial buildings, and other unique factors, a more accurate approximation of Kindersley's tax base on an average taxable assessment value is around $165,000. An assessment value of $165,000 would result in 2016 taxes of $2,027 plus the $300 base tax levy, so $2,327 in total.

Once assessment calculations are received and distributed, taxpayers have a designated amount of time to appeal their assessment. For more information regarding appeals, please visit SAMA's website at . Download 2017 Notice of Appeal Form .

You may also wish to use the SAMAVIEW link to view your own individual property information.

2017 Revaluation

Legislation requires that all properties in Saskatchewan be revalued once every four years. The most recent revaluation has been conducted for 2017. Prior to that a revaluation was conducted in 2013.

For the 2017 revaluation, the new base date used for assessment values is January 1, 2015. This ensures that assessed values are more current and that property owners can better understand these values.

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The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency provides an online tool for property owners to view their individual property assessments. AtSAMAView, you can:

  1. Verify your property assessment information
  2. Compare your assessment to similar or neighbouring properties; and
  3. Get a general idea of assessed values in your municipality.

Compare SAMA Melfort Humboldt Trends.pdf 
Additional information can be found on the SAMA website or the Province of Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs .