Kindersley Housing Authority

The Kindersley Housing Authority (KHA) is responsible for ensuring efficient and fair administration of social housing properties and projects within Kindersley. This includes keeping housing in good shape; administering tenant, property, and financial records; hiring managers to oversee housing operations; and other responsibilities as mandated by agreement with the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.

The Housing Authority operates under the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC), which was formed in 1973 when the provincial government passed The Saskatchewan Housing Corporation Act. Since that time, the SHC has been responsible for delivering housing services across the entire province. The mandate of the SHC is to promote independence and self-sufficiency by providing housing and housing services to people who could not otherwise afford adequate, safe, and secure shelter.

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Become a Board Member

The KHA is managed by a volunteer board of directors consisting of non-elected officials who live in or around Kindersley.  Boards are primarily responsible for three key areas: governance, program delivery, and property management. Board members are not expected to attend to administrative or maintenance tasks personally. The Board meets 11 times per year (no meeting in July). Terms are 3 years for new appointments, and 2 years for re-appointments.

January 2018: The Kindersley Housing Authority is currently seeking nominations for three Board of Director positions, to commence as follows:

Date to Start
June 1, 2018
July 1, 2018


Nominees are not eligible if:

  • They are elected officials;
  • They are CMHC, SHC, or municipal government employees;
  • They sit on nominating committees;
  • They work for housing authorities;
  • The are immediate family members of housing authority managers;
  • They belong to, or work for, private non-profit housing corporations;
  • They are housing authority tenants;
  • They have previously defaulted on, or damaged, social  housing units, and have not made arrangements to pay their arrears or damages; or
  • They are immediate family members of people who are currently serving on the housing authority board.

Housing Authority Nomination Form