Culture Plan

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The Kindersley Culture Plan was adopted by Town Council on Monday March 27th, 2017

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21.pngIn January 2015, Town Council supported the development of a local Cultural Master Plan to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To revitalize interest in the arts/heritage sectors;
  2. Increase awareness of local community development efforts;
  3. Nurture an inclusive community culture;
  4. Cultivate local and tourism opportunities and beautify the municipality in both tangible and intangible ways.


Kindersley’s Culture Plan will be a year-long project encouraging the community to become engaged and consider what makes a community, determine local needs, sources of pride and goals for the future. This Plan will be a component of the Town of Kindersley Quality of Living Plan, which is part of the Kindersley Growth Plan. The Community Services Department is leading this project with financial support from SaskCulture’sMunicipal Cultural Planning and Engagement Program Grant.

Kindersley is in a good position to engage in cultural planning as the Town has applied for City status in 2016 and a strategic Cultural Plan outlines the necessity in developing an interdepartmental effort, partnership building, innovation between services and a well-balanced community and life for citizens. Kindersley is in constant growth and will benefit from bridging local identities together to determine who we are, what we have, who we want to become and how we will get there.

Stay connected with the Plan and participate: #kindersleyculture

Official Support for a Culture Plan

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This project was made possible through funding provided by: