Coleman Park Project

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The “Coleman Park” project began in August 2015 when the Town of Kindersley hosted a public consultation to engage the community in developing a designated greenspace into a park. The area to be developed is 2.9 acres in size and lies between Coleman Crescent and Hahn Crescent.

Community members were presented with possibilities of what the space could be developed into and were given the opportunity to express some of their needs and aspirations for the space. After the consultation, a group of residents mostly residing in the immediate neighbourhood formed a volunteer committee to assist the Town's Department of Community Services in researching and planning options for the park.

A Community Initiatives Fund grant in the amount of $22,500 was received for the purchase of park playground equipment and the Town has budgeted money in the 2015 and 2016 Budgets toward development of the green space.

Since September 2015, the committee has met monthly to create not only a unique play environment for children of all abilities in our community, but also a leisure space for those living across the street at Caleb Village, and to encourage all local residents to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. Preliminary plans for the new park feature a toboggan hill, zip line, playground equipment and walking path that connects neighborhood sidewalks to the park.

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  • To create a multi-generation space
  • To create a community meeting place for neighbors, friends, families of all ages
  • To offer a unique play experience in Kindersley like a zip line, fitness equipment, accessible swing, pathway, hill
  • To prominently recognize and thank all sponsors and donors, and Naming Rights

On June 6, 2016, the Coleman Park Working Group Committee will present its concept and process for developing the park during an Open House held at Caleb Village.

Open House #2 Presentation - June 6, 2016

Coleman Crescent Park Project Budget

The Coleman Park Working Group Committee envisions a three-phased approach to creating this future green space.

Phase 1 (Fall 2016)Phase 2 (Spring 2017)Phase 3 (2018 & beyond)
Installing foundations for playground and fitness equipment
Irrigation and seeding
Installation of playground and fitness equipment
Planting of trees and landscape plan
Installation of benches
Packed gravel pathway system
Asphalt on pathway system
Bridge/connection to trail system between Rutley Crescent and Stewart Crescent

A big thank you to those who have helped to build Coleman Park!

Committee members (past and present)Time and effort
Eleanor SmithDonation
McMillan Agco Ltd.Raffle prize sponsor