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Kindersley is the largest town in west central Saskatchewan within a 200 km radius and has long been considered the primary hub of services in the region. Founded in 1909 and incorporated as a town one year later, Kindersley has been a major trading centre since its establishment and supports a diverse range of businesses and services that rival those of communities twice its size. Oil, gas, and agriculture are the main economic drivers for the Kindersley region, while retail, education, health care, and other professional services cater to a surrounding population of more than 28,000 residents.

During the past 10 years, Kindersley has experienced an influx of new development activity and population growth, sparked largely by a thriving resource sector and accessibility to local services. The Province of Saskatchewan has recognized this growth and has identified and included Kindersley in its Rapid Growth Communities strategy.

Although impacted by recent downturns in oil and gas production, the Kindersley region has still experienced new activity and has sustained less of an impact to its local economy than comparable energy centres in the province. During the past three years, hotel developers have confirmed the investment potential in the Kindersley area and have more than doubled the local hotel capacity through expansions to the Kindersley Inn and Crossroads Motel, and the building of new Suburban Extended Stay, Canalta, and Best Western hotels. These hotel developments have increased available capacity by 265 percent since 2012.

Supply of available and affordable housing has been of significant concern in Kindersley, and Council has taken proactive measures to address this issue. In 2014, the Town entered into an agreement with Marathon Equities Corp. in which the developer purchased 115 acres of urban reserve land north of the Motherwell Reservoir for the purposes of constructing new water and road infrastructure and beginning the first of a three-phased residential housing and commercial land development.

Key to the Town’s growth is Council’s commitment to current and long-term financial and infrastructure planning. The Kindersley Growth Plan is a strategic and coordinated approach to long-term municipal planning. Encompassed within the Growth Plan are 13 long-term plans that focus on identifying and addresses Kindersley’s infrastructure, programs and services, and long-term planning in all areas of the municipality.

Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline Replacement

By summer 2018, an influx of temporary workers will arrive in Kindersley and surrounding region to complete a portion of the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program. The project is the largest in Enbridge's history and, according to company representatives, it will bring approximately 800 employees to the area for at least a half year period. 

Community Engagement Strategist Joanne Bradbury attended the April 23 Regular Meeting of Kindersley Town Council to discuss the project and the company's advance work to prepare for a smooth entry into the community. Kindersley is one of nine construction spreads within the project for the pipeline that begins in Hardisty, AB. 

Homeowners interested in supporting the Enbridge Line 3 project by providing accommodation for workers are encouraged to email

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