Traumatic Events Response

What is TERT?

Contact  (306) 463-1860 24-hour support.

The Traumatic Events Response Team consists of highly-trained professionals and volunteers who assist persons who have been involved in an extraordinary and/or unpredictable event which cause some degree of crisis or severe stress. Traumatic events can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Events not involving death, but causing distress - emergencies, terrorism, serious accidents and natural disasters
  • Deaths caused from suicide, homicide, accident, or terrorism
  • Death of children
  • Death related to illness

Response is based on assessed need and upon the request of the client/agency needing services. In the case of a traumatic event, the emergency personnel on site should have the contact number. Either they or the victim can place the call to TERT. 24-hour line: (306) 463-1860
The answering service will connect with a member of TERT who will organize a team to meet with persons affected by the traumatic event.