Kindersley Community Advisory Network

The formation of the Kindersley Community Advisory Network was a recommendation of the Kindersley Primary Health Care Service Needs Assessment Report conducted from 2014-15. The network was established in summer 2016 after a call for members by both the Heartland Health Region and Town of Kindersley. The network is intended to be a broad representation of the community to help advise the board of the Heartland Regional Health Authority on issues relating to the provision of health services and the allocation of resources within the community.

Members serve a two-year term.


  • Communicate community needs to the Authority and provide advice on the relevance of programs and services
  • Participate in and provide input to planning discussions
  • Foster and contribute to open, supportive, and collaborative climate

Primary Health Care Working Group: Background

Work on the Primary Health Care Service Needs Assessment began in early 2014, and included engagement with physicians, health care providers, patients and families. Public consultation was also achieved through focus groups and outreach to the community to ask their opinion on what is working well and potential improvements to primary health care services in Kindersley. The working group will continue to engage the community by establishing an enduring structure in the form of a Community Advisory Network to provide Heartland Health Region with ongoing advice respecting the provision of health services in Kindersley and area.

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The final report was presented by Western Management Consultants (WMC) at a special meeting of the Kindersley Town Council on Thursday, June 11, 2015.

Primary Health Care Service Needs Assessment Final Report

The Region and Town engaged the services of WMC to assess current and anticipated demand for primary health care services in the Kindersley service area. The report recommends action in seven key areas:

  • Develop a comprehensive Primary Health Care Services Plan.
  • Targeted investments in selected high priority service areas.
  • Establish and affirm governance, decision-making, and accountability structures.
  • Review existing physician compensation models and provide recommendations on the direction for compensation that supports patient/family-centred care and a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach to service delivery.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive human resources strategy to attract and retain family physicians and other health care professionals.
  • Develop and implement formal measures and mechanisms to evaluate the success of the primary health services delivery model in Kindersley and area.
  • Engage key internal and external stakeholders.

Executive Summary Presentation

The working group will now begin collaborating on action plans and implementation strategies to address the seven recommendations identified in the report. The working group includes members from the Heartland Health Region, Town of Kindersley, a physician and has the potential to add other members as needed.