Town Council

Council Highlights-December 10, 2018 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, December 10, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding the recreation reserve, the fire hall reserve, and the dates of the meetings of Council in 2019.Council approved the transfer of $25,000 to the Recreation Reserve and $32,000 to the Fire Hall Reserve for projects included but not comp... [Read More]

Council Highlights-November 26, 2018 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, November 26, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding bylaw amendments, a lease agreement at the airport, and the new fire hall.A public hearing was convened to discuss Bylaw 13-18 being a Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 04-14 the Kindersley Zoning Bylaw. Hearing no objections, the Bylaw was subseq... [Read More]

Council Highlights-November 13, 2018 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding Aquatic Centre fees, representatives to the Executive Board of the Western Regional Landfill Inc, and more.Council approved the presentation of the rates for the new Aquatic Centre. This is one more step complete towards opening the ... [Read More]

Council Highlights-October 22 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, October 22, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding an Option to Purchase Agreement, a Kindersley Tourism advertisement, and approval of the Consent Agenda.Council directed the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to enter an Option to Purchase Agreement with Her Majesty the Que... [Read More]

Council Highlights October 9, 2018

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. The following resolutions weremade regarding bylaws, the community grant "Fall Intake", and Waste Reduction week.Council approved the second and third reading of Bylaw 11-18 Being a Bylaw to Amend 04-14 Known asthe Town of Kindersley Zoning Bylaw.The community grant "Fall Intake" ... [Read More]

Council Highlights Sept. 24 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday September 24, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding our new CAO, a home-based business request, servicing agreements, and fire prevention week. Audrey Hebert was appointed as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in the Town of Kindersley. The position will be effective October 1st. Coun... [Read More]

Council Highlights Sept. 10 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday September 10, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding bylaws, the firehall design and build project, and suicide prevention day.After a second reading of Bylaw 10-18 being a Bylaw to Amend Bylaw No. 03-14, Town of Kindersley Official Community Plan it was read a third time and approved.C... [Read More]

Special Meetings of Council Held July 27 and August 1, 2018

Special Meetings of Council were held on July 27 and August 1, 2018 to discuss matters needing attention prior to the next Regular Meeting of Council on August 20.During the July 27 meeting, Council approved first reading of Bylaw 09-18, a Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 04-14 known as the Zoning Bylaw. The Bylaw amends and updates the Land Use Map within the... [Read More]

Notice to Amend Zoning Bylaw 04-14 with Bylaws 08-18 and Bylaws 09-18

Bylaw 08-18Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley, pursuant to Section 207 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007, intends to consider Bylaw 08-18, A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 04-14, known as the Zoning Bylaw of the Town of Kindersley.INTENTThe proposed Bylaw 08-18 would amend the Zoning Bylaw 04-14 as follows: Secti... [Read More]

Highlights from July 16, 2018 Council Meeting

Council directed Administration to make application to the Ministry of Government Relations to have the Town of Kindersley designated an eligible assistance area under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP), which provides financial assistance for restoring essential services and property. The application relates to the July 10 thunderst... [Read More]

Highlights from June 25, 2018 Council Meeting

Approximately two dozen Kindersley residents primarily representing the neighbourhood of Coleman Crescent and Caleb Village addressed Council to voice opinions on the location of the proposed West Central Safe Shelter near their property. The project, an initiative proposed by the West Central Crisis and Family Support Centre, was first publicly ac... [Read More]

Highlights from June 11, 2018 Council Meeting

Council has approved West Central Events Centre ice rates for the 2018-19 regular season. As recommended by Administration, there will be no increase to fees, with the exception of the primetime spring ice fees, which will increase from $170/hour to $200/hour plus tax and capital fees. The non-local adult fee was also eliminated in favour of one re... [Read More]

Highlights from May 28 ,2018 Council Meeting

Council approved the 2018 Mill Rate and Minimum Tax at its Regular Meeting, in addition to Bylaw 06-18, which establishes the Mill Rate Factors for the Town of Kindersley. Minimum municipal tax for residential property remains $1,240, and for commercial and other properties, $2,140.The 2018 Municipal Uniform Mill Rate remains unchanged at 9.7, and ... [Read More]

Mill Rate Approved with No Tax Increase

Kindersley’s Uniform Mill Rate remains unchanged at 9.7 mills for 2018 and residents should see little to no impact on their municipal property taxes unless their assessment has changed over the past year.Council approved the mill rate, along with the Mill Rate Factor Bylaw 06-18, at the Regular Meeting of Council held Monday, May 28. The Mill Rate... [Read More]

CAO Morton Announces Departure from Town of Kindersley

Bernie Morton, the Town of Kindersley’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) since 2012, has announced his resignation to pursue other professional opportunities. His last official day will be July 20, 2018. “It is with deep appreciation and some sadness that we accept Bernie’s resignation and wish him well as he pursues the next stage of his career ... [Read More]

Proposals Sought for Construction of New Fire Hall

Plans to construct a new fire hall in 2018 are moving quickly forward. The Town of Kindersley has published a Request for Proposals seeking a contractor to build the facility using a design generated through cooperation of the Town, RM of Kindersley, and Kindersley Fire Department.The new fire hall is to be built at 111 Railway Avenue on 1.7 acres ... [Read More]

Highlights from May 14, 2018 Council Meeting

Deputy Mayor Shaun Henry presented Municipal Long Service Award medals from the Canadian Volunteer Fire Service Association to three members of the Kindersley Fire Department in recognition of their years of volunteer service to the fire brigade – Fire Chief Ron Hope (37 years), Deputy Fire Chief Rod Stevens (32 years), and Senior Captain David Bur... [Read More]

2018 Municipal Budget Approved with No Tax Increase

Kindersley’s 2018 municipal budget will accomplish Council priorities of smart spending, building bridges, and making projects happen, and aims to do so without an increase in taxes.Completion of the Kindersley Aquatic Centre, Western Regional Landfill, and construction of a new Fire Hall are the notable highlights of the $23.1 million budget, whic... [Read More]

Highlights from May 7, 2018 Special Meeting of Council

Council approved Kindersley’s 2018 municipal budget at a Special Meeting of Council held on Monday, May 7 at 8:30 a.m. The $23.1 million budget will accomplish Council’s priorities of smart spending, building bridges, and making projects happen, and aims to do so without an increase in taxes.In addition to completing the Kindersley Aquatic Centre, ... [Read More]

Highlights from April 23, 2018 Council Meeting

Joanne Bradbury, representing Enbridge Inc., attended Council to provide information about the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline replacement project, which consists of nine construction spreads from the Hardisty, AB origin to the final U.S. destination near the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. Kindersley is within the second spread (region) of work for the proje... [Read More]

Highlights from April 9, 2018 Council Meeting

Mayor Rod Perkins invited all in attendance at Monday's Regular Meeting of Council to share in a moment of silent prayer and reflection for the Humboldt Broncos, their families, the community of Humboldt, and for all those impacted by the tragic bus accident on April 6, 2018.Earlier that day, Mayor Perkins lowered the Kindersley Administration... [Read More]

Highlights of March 26, 2018 Council Meeting

Kindersley Iron Horse Klippers president Brett Sautner addressed Council to request support in helping to stabilize the team’s financial position. Sautner presented a business plan that detailed opportunities for increased community involvement and revenue generation, and asked Council to consider subsidizing the Klippers’ ice time to help position... [Read More]

Highlights from March 12, 2018 Council Meeting

Councillor Rob Anderson was officially sworn in as the newest member of the Council of the Town of Kindersley and joined in the proceedings for the March 12 regular meeting. He was elected by acclamation on March 8, 2018 to fill the position left vacant by former Council member Ken Francis.Loraas Environmental Services manager Ruebecca Fiddler addr... [Read More]

Notice of Abandonment of Poll

Whereas a poll is not required pursuant to The Local Government Election Act for the office of:Councillor: Town of KindersleyI hereby give public notice, pursuant to Sec. 77 and 82 of The Local Election Act that no voting for the said office will take place and the following nominated person is elected by acclamation:Rob AndersonDated at Kindersley... [Read More]

Highlights from the February 26, 2018 Council Meeting

Mayor Rod Perkins acknowledged that, with no formal complaints pertaining to additional lighting near Kinsmen Park having been received, the plan to install three street lights in the 4th Ave West alley adjacent to Kinsmen Park will proceed.Council resolved that, while not being an approving authority, there are no concerns of Council regarding a s... [Read More]

Council Adopts New Animal Control Bylaw

Council adopted a new Animal Control Bylaw 03-18 at its Regular Meeting of Council on February 12, 2018. The Bylaw was given second reading and third reading (with an amendment to include a definition and clause for “service dogs”) before being subsequently adopted and put into effect.The following are among the key distinguishing features of the p... [Read More]

Highlights from February 12, 2018 Council Meeting

Council appointed Councillor Shaun Henry as Deputy Mayor for a term of two years, effective immediately, to fill the vacant position left by former councillor Ken Francis who announced his resignation at the January 29 meeting. Tessa Sautner represented the 2017 Youth Committee to accept the Saskatchewan Municipal Award from Mayor Rod Perkins, whic... [Read More]

Highlights from January 29, 2018 Council Meeting

Mayor Rod Perkins and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Bernie Morton were directed to enter into a Non-Exclusive Occupancy Agreement with Kindersley Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) for the shared use of the Animal Pound.Council also directed administration to purchase a SCADA software key ($12,305, plus applicable taxes) for the Water Treatment Pla... [Read More]

Highlights from January 15, 2018 Regular Meeting of Council

Council held a public hearing to discuss Bylaw 16-17, which amends the Zoning Bylaw by clarifying the definition for railways and ancillary railway functions. With no members of the public in attendance and no written correspondence about the Bylaw having been received, Council subsequently proceeded to give second and third reading to Bylaw 16-17 ... [Read More]

Highlights from December 21, 2017 Special Council Meeting

A Special Meeting of Council was held on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 4:00PM in Council Chambers. The Airport Bylaw 10-17 was brought back to Council for second and third reading after being tabled at the December 11, 2017 Regular Meeting of Council. Schedule B, the Schedule of Airport Fees, was amended with consideration to input Council receive... [Read More]

Highlights from December 11, 2017 Council Meeting

Resident Todd Ecklin attended as the first delegation of the meeting, requesting an update and timeline to resolve issues impacting his and other 6th Street West properties, which Ecklin had previously met with Mayor Rod Perkins to discuss. These included installation of privacy fencing, rodent control, and concerns about hazardous goods in nearby ... [Read More]

Highlights from November 27, 2017 Council Meeting

Council affirmed the Children’s Charter of the Kindersley Integrated Children’s Services (KICS), as presented at Council’s November 14, 2017 Regular Meeting. In doing so, Council resolved to consider the principles outlined in the Charter when making decisions that will impact children and families; and encouraged others who are invested in the gro... [Read More]

Highlights from November 14, 2017 Council Meeting

Kindersley Integrated Children’s Services (KICS) representative Arlene Goosen presented the group’s Children’s Charter, requesting that Council endorse the document and display it in Town facilities. The charter outlines the rights of children, which include the right to basic needs, to be safe and protected from discrimination, to be loved, and to... [Read More]

Highlights from October 23, 2017 Council Meeting

Council recommended Curtis Sackville, Deputy Mayor Ken Francis, Councillor Shaun Henry, and Director of Transportation and Environmental Services Kim Vogel to be the Town of Kindersley’s representatives on the Executive Board of the Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI.) Final appointments to the board will be determined during the November 1, 2017... [Read More]

Highlights from October 10, 2017 Council Meeting

Twelve projects were awarded a total of $7,691.34 in funds from the fall intake of the 2017 Community Grant, which was introduced by Council in 2013 to support local initiatives that seek to benefit and/or improve the community. Recipients are as follows:Pathway to Wellness $750 Kindersley Chamber of Commerce $750West Central Crisis and Family Supp... [Read More]

Highlights from September 25, 2017 Council Meeting

Lorne Kelsey and Patty Brotzel-Close, representatives of NRC Community Management Inc., addressed Council as a delegation to provide a report on renovation work that has taken place at the Norman Ritchie Community Centre over the past year. The organization was successful in obtaining a Community Investment Fund matching grant of $20,000 to assist ... [Read More]

Highlights from September 11, 2017 Council Meeting

Friends of Kinsmen Park representative Tammy Anderson-Jackson attended Council’s September 11 meeting to provide an update on the local non-profit committee’s plan for Kinsmen Park, which includes construction of The Shack. The proposed new building will replace the existing ice shack and will house a concession, heated dressing room, and both heat... [Read More]

Highlights from August 14, 2017 Council Meeting

Resident Jason Hankewich appeared before Council to discuss the creation of an outdoor basketball court in Elks Park adjacent to the Norman Ritchie Community Centre. Council and Administration both expressed support for the project and a resolution was passed for Administration to work with Hankewich to inform and solicit support from residents in ... [Read More]

Highlights from July 17, 2017 Council Meeting

Resident Brent Bacon addressed Council to share his concern about the lack of local representation on the Development Appeals Board. Gord Krismer and Associates were appointed to serve as the Town’s current Development Appeals Board in 2015 after attempts to recruit new local members were unsuccessful. Council said the current appointment is workin... [Read More]

Highlights from June 26, 2017 Council Meeting

Following successful negotiation, Council directed the Mayor and CAO to enter into an agreement with Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd. for the design services and work to construct the new Indoor Aquatic Facility. Members of the public are invited to attend the official sod-turning ceremony on Wednesday, July 5 and to celebrate the breaking ground for the p... [Read More]

Highlights from June 12, 2017 Council Meeting

Following a delegation by Mater Tasty Concessions owner Jackie Altomare requesting permission to establish a mobile food truck in Kindersley, Council approved the implementation of an On-Street Mobile Food Truck permit fee in the amount of $200 per calendar month, per vendor, which will allow for such operations to take place in designated location... [Read More]

Budget 2017 Approved: Spending Slowed, Mill Rate Lowered, and Focus on Building the New Aquatic Centre

Kindersley Town Council’s first budget of the term will result in a mill rate drop of more than 5 mills and spending on certain infrastructure and other programs put on hold as funding slows and Council focuses attention on the design-build of the new indoor aquatic centre.At its May 24 Regular Meeting, Council approved a new uniform mill rate of 9... [Read More]

Highlights from May 24, 2017 Council Meeting

Joining by teleconference, representatives of the Safe Places initiative in Swift Current made a presentation to Council to discuss the benefits of the program and the process with which adult volunteers would become designated. Introduced by Councillor Shaun Henry, Safe Places is a community-wide initiative to reduce potential risks to youth and c... [Read More]

Mosquito Control Efforts Expanded to include Malathion Application

The Town will amplify mosquito control efforts this week with the application of malathion in green spaces throughout Kindersley. The extra measures have been directed by Council to combat already high levels of mosquitos throughout the community and to ensure that parks and green spaces can be enjoyed throughout the spring and summer months.Malath... [Read More]

Highlights from May 8, 2017 Council Meeting

Big Dippers Pool Fundraising Committee member Tricia Morton joined the Council meeting by teleconference to share the plans for a 2018 fundraising calendar the committee is beginning to develop as a money maker for Kindersley’s proposed aquatic facility. Morton requested that Council consider being photographed as a group for inclusion in the calen... [Read More]

Highlights from the April 24, 2017 Council Meeting

Two-hour limited parking will not be extended to the full length of Main Street. Council declined to make any resolution as such Monday night after considering the request of business owner Kathie Elmhurst who submitted a petition with 60 signatures supporting that two-hour parking be reinstated from 7th Avenue to the “North Service Road” from 8 am... [Read More]

Council approves Economic Incentive Tax Exemption Bylaw

Council adopted the Economic Incentive Tax Exemption Bylaw (05-17) putting into immediate effect a new limited time tax exemption for eligible new constructions within the Town of Kindersley. ELIGIBILITYEligible properties are subject to the following criteria, in addition to other criteria detailed in Bylaw 05-17:Eligible properties with Occupancy... [Read More]

Town Determining Impact of Provincial Budget 2017

Like many municipalities across the province, the Town of Kindersley is still measuring the impact of the Government of Saskatchewan’s 2017 Budget. While there is a lot we still do not know from the Budget, what we do know is that it is not municipal friendly.This is what has been determined so far:Kindersley will experience a significant decrease ... [Read More]

Highlights from March 27, 2017 Council Meeting

Council was provided a detailed overview of the Kindersley Culture Plan final report and the various activities conducted during the year-long consultation process to develop the plan. Members of the Kindersley Culture Plan Advisory Committee, led by Sharon Haubrich, spoke about the main themes that emerged in the Culture Plan, which form the basis... [Read More]

Highlights from March 13, 2017 Council Meeting

Council amended the Town of Kindersley’s Official Community Plan (OCP) through the approval of Bylaw 04-17. The amendment is specific to the Future Land Use Concept Map in Section 5 of the OCP where marked lands within the C1 Downtown Commercial District are changed to R2A Small Lot Residential District. Bylaw 04-17 was required by legislation as a... [Read More]

Highlights from February 27, 2017 Council Meeting

Ruebecca Fiddler, representing Loraas Environmental Services, presented to Council an overview of Kindersley’s recycle collection service, and raised awareness about a variety of local collection issues such as over-filled recycle carts, or carts that are too crowded to be successfully lifted. Fiddler also showed a video of Loraas’ recycle facility... [Read More]

Notice of Intent to Amend Bylaw 03-14

Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley, pursuant to Section 207 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007, intends to consider Bylaw 04-17 to amend Bylaw 03-14, known as the Official Community Plan of the Town of Kindersley.INTENTThe proposed Bylaw will re-designate three (3) residential lots on the Town of Kinders... [Read More]

Highlights from February 13, 2017 Council Meeting

An application to subdivide 4.42 acres of land adjacent to Railway Avenue was supported by Council after successful negotiations with the applicant, VP Energy Services Ltd., members of Council and Town Administration, and representative for petitioning home owners in Prairie Winds Estates, which is located opposite the proposed subdivision property... [Read More]

Highlights from January 30, 2017 Council Meeting

Council adopted Bylaw 03-17, known as the Code of Ethics Bylaw, a new legislative requirement as identified by the Province of Saskatchewan. The Bylaw identifies Council’s commitment to fair and appropriate conduct toward fellow Councillors, Town staff, and members of the public, while also addressing issues of conflict of interest. Pursuant to the... [Read More]

Highlights from January 9, 2017 Council Meeting

In response to recent vandalism to multiple residential recycle and garbage carts throughout Kindersley, Council approved a motion that the Town of Kindersley would assume the cost of replacement of the carts, thereby waiving the conditions set out in Bylaw 11-15 (Management of Solid Waste), which states that residents are responsible for the cost ... [Read More]

Bylaw 02-17 Notice of Intent to Amend Zoning Bylaw

TOWN OF KINDERSLEYPUBLIC NOTICE OF INTENTTo Amend Bylaw No. 04-14Town of Kindersley Zoning Bylaw(A Bylaw to regulate Zoning and Development)Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley, pursuant to Section 207 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007, intends to consider Bylaw 02-17 to amend Bylaw No. 04-14, known as th... [Read More]

Highlights from December 12, 2016 Council Meeting

Council welcomed two delegations to speak about a future swimming pool – Pool Fundraising Committee member Jamie Henry, who discussed her group’s commitment to continue fundraising and addressed some concerns with the lack of a specific concept; and Leaf Your Legacy Committee member Joanne Kosolofski who provided a review of the five-year campaign ... [Read More]

Bylaw 01-17 Notice of Intent to Amend Zoning Bylaw

TOWN OF KINDERSLEYPUBLIC NOTICE OF INTENTTo Amend Bylaw No. 04-14Town of Kindersley Zoning Bylaw(A Bylaw to regulate Zoning and Development)Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley, pursuant to Section 207 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007, intends to consider Bylaw 01-17 to amend Bylaw No. 04-14, known as th... [Read More]

Council Supports Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program

On November 29, 2016 the Canadian federal government announced its approval of Enbridge Pipelines Inc’s Line 3 Replacement Program (L3RP) project. The L3RP involves replacement of Line 3 betweenHardisty, Alberta and Superior, Wisconsin, along with construction of associated facilities. All segments of the line, totaling 1,660km, will be replaced wi... [Read More]

Highlights from November 28, 2016 Council Meeting

The Town of Kindersley Council accepted the recommendations of the Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI) to appoint Kindersley resident Curtis Sackville and Deputy Mayor Ken Francis as President and Member at Large, respectively, to the WRLI Executive Board for 2016-2017.Council directed the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to enter into an a... [Read More]

Highlights from November 14, 2016 Council Meeting

The newly elected Council held its first Regular Meeting of the term, and formally appointed Councillor Ken Francis to serve as Deputy Mayor for a two-year term commencing immediately.In effort to update and further establish Kindersley’s own distinct governance structure, Council approved a resolution to review the existing Kindersley Council Gove... [Read More]

Highlights from October 25, 2016 Council Meeting

Council approved funding for 16 projects through the Community Grant program, totaling $10,107.25. The grant, which was established by Council in 2013, received its highest intake of applications this year, and will result in the full distribution of the $15,000 budgeted in 2016 for the program. The following organizations will receive funding:West... [Read More]

Highlights from October 20, 2016 Special Meeting of Council

Due to a conflict of interest, or appearance of conflict of interest related to the municipal election, Council resolved to end its service agreement, effective immediately, with Close Hauta Bertoia Blanchette, Chartered Professional Accountants as the Town of Kindersley’s auditor. The firm identified the conflict of interest in a letter to Council... [Read More]

Highlights from October 11, 2016 Council Meeting

Kindersley Rodeo Committee President Tyler Ritchie addressed Council to provide on update on the 2016 Indoor Rodeo and to discuss initial plans for next year’s event.Council proclaimed October 9-15, 2016 as Fire Prevention Week in acknowledgement of the excellent service provided by the Kindersley Fire Brigade and to support fire prevention efforts... [Read More]

Highlights from September 26, 2016 Council Meeting

Kindersley Minor Ball President Chad Miller was the first delegation to the Council meeting, providing an update on the organization's season, plans for future renovation and seeking feedback on the Minor Ball committee's hope to begin generating advertisement revenue, all of which would be redirected back into capital improvements at the... [Read More]

Multiple Candidates Vying for Spot on Council

Nominations for Town Council have closed as of 4 p.m., September 21, 2016.The candidates nominated for Town Council can be found by clicking hereThere are 2 candidates running for Mayor, and 12 candidates running for Councillor.Voters will elect 1 Mayor, and 6 Councillors.Election Day is Wednesday, October 26, 2016 from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. Votin... [Read More]

Highlights from September 12, 2016 Council Meeting

Council adopted Bylaw 14-16, which amended various sections of Bylaw 03-14 (known as the Official Community Plan) that relate to service fees.Council also adopted Bylaw 08-16, which amends the Zoning Bylaw 04-14 with a variety of new and revised definitions, as well as a new section pertaining to the regulation of shipping containers (sea cans.)Cou... [Read More]

Public Notice of Intent to Amend Bylaw 03-14

The Official Community Plan of the Town of KindersleyPublic Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley, pursuant to Section 207 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007, intends to consider Bylaw 14-16 to amend Bylaw 03-14, known as the Official Community Plan of the Town of Kindersley.INTENTThe proposed Bylaw will clarify S... [Read More]

Public Notice of Intent to Amend Bylaw 04-14

Town of Kindersley Zoning Bylaw(A Bylaw to regulate Zoning and Development)Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley, pursuant to Section 207 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007, intends to consider Bylaw 08-16 to amend Bylaw 04-14, known as the Zoning Bylaw.INTENTThe proposed Bylaw will amend the Zoning Bylaw 0... [Read More]

Highlights of August 15, 2016 Council Meeting

Resident Chris Douglas addressed Council to request cost sharing with the Town for the installation of a second water line to a newly constructed residential duplex.Council directed Administration to work with the Province of Saskatchewan and local insurance brokers to whom uninsurable property damage claims have been submitted due to recent rainfa... [Read More]

Candidate Information Session on September 6

Citizens interested in running as candidates in the upcoming 2016 Kindersley Municipal Election are invited to attend an information session on Tuesday, September 6. The session will begin at 6 pm at the Town Office.This is the second Candidate Information Session to be held in advance of the October 26 Municipal Election. The first was held on Jun... [Read More]

Highlights from July 18, 2016 Council Meeting

The new Traffic Bylaw (Bylaw 12-16) was given final reading and adopted by Council, with an amendment to Section 63, which relates to bicycle helmet use. The Bylaw, which goes into effect immediately, now states that helmet use if mandatory only for persons 14 years or age and under.Council rescinded its first reading resolution of Bylaw 08-16, a b... [Read More]

Council Votes in Favour of New Pool Construction

Council will continue to focus efforts on the fundraising and the eventual construction of a new pool after defeating a motion Monday night to refurbish Kindersley’s existing 40-year-old swimming pool instead building a new.The decision followed a lengthy discussion during which Council evaluated the potential costs along with the life expectancy o... [Read More]

New Traffic Bylaw 12-16 Given First Reading

At its June 27 Regular Meeting, Council gave first reading to a new Traffic Bylaw 12-16. A copy of the bylaw is available for viewing online (Traffic Bylaw 12-16.) Comments or questions about the bylaw can be directed to new Traffic Bylaw is the result of several months of review by the Transportation Committee, which is... [Read More]

Highlights from the June 27, 2016 Council Meeting

Following a lengthy discussion regarding the Kindersley pool and the present and future need for an aquatic facility, Council defeated a motion to refurbish the existing swimming pool and will instead continue to focus efforts on the construction of a new pool. This decision followed several delegations earlier in the evening during which a variety... [Read More]

Highlights from June 13, 2016 Council Meeting

Chamber of Commerce president Tom Morris addressed Council to provide an update on the organization’s activities, which Morris indicated would include a name change to Kindersley and District Chamber of Commerce in the near future. Morris, also a member of the Kindersley Rotary Club, shared some of the recent activities of the Club, specifically th... [Read More]

Highlights of Special Meeting of Council May 13, 2016

At a Special Meeting of Council held Friday, May 13, 2016, Council directed Acting Mayor Shaun Henry and Chief Administrative Officer Bernie Morton to enter into the following agreements:A rental agreement with the Kindersley Rodeo Committee for the 2016 Rodeo to take place from May 26 to 28, 2016 at the West Central Events Centre.A lease and opera... [Read More]

Highlights from May 9, 2016 Council Meeting

Resident Frances Chandler addressed Council to inquire about the Town’s recognition of volunteers and to suggest to Council that more needs to be done to recognize those who contribute to the community in any way.Council defeated a resolution to approve a requested 2-inch (50 mm) diameter water service connection line for the proposed Circle-K Conv... [Read More]

Highlights from April 10, 2017 Council Meeting

Councillor Shaun Henry introduced the Safe Places – Youth Certified initiative and requested that Council consider approving a motion to implement the program in Kindersley. Established in Swift Current, Safe Places provides training and a designation for coaches, teachers, and community volunteers who work with youth to certify that those individu... [Read More]