News and Notices

2019 Road Construction Invitation to Tender

The Town of Kindersley is inviting submission from eligible Contractors for the 2019 road construction work within the Town of Kindersley municipal boundaries as defined within. The Work is required to be completed by October 18th, 2019. Selection of the Successful Bidder will be based on the cost, schedule, specifications, and references to comple... [Read More]

Highway 7 Corridor Study Final Report 2019

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure commissioned Associated Engineering to conduct a corridor study to identify operational and safety improvements on Highway 7 through the Town of Kindersley,including the adjacent service roads. The project limits extend 4.8 km, from East Grid Road to 15th Street West. The Town of Kindersley was a key stak... [Read More]

Construction Final Report Western Regional Landfill

CLICK HERE to see the final construction report document. [Read More]

Fat Cat's Spray Park

The Spray Park is now open for the season! 9:00am-8:30pm! [Read More]

Fire Hall Construction

More Details...View from Railway AvenuePosted 06-05-19View from Railway AvenuePosted 05-10-19 [Read More]

Spring Cleaning

Some things to start thinking about as the weather changes are:-repairing fences that are hazardous-keeping the area clear of debris and waste-removing dilapidated buildings-removing junk vehicles-removing pet waste-taking care of inappropriate water drainage-taking care of inappropriately stored materials-keeping your section of the back alley cle... [Read More]

Parking on the Streets

Friendly reminder that recreational trailers, utility trailers, and vehicles may only be parked on the street for 72 hours before being moved! Thanks for your cooperation! [Read More]

April 2019 Trip of the Month Winners

Congratulations Brad & Brenda Edgerton (trip) and Kim Vogel ($120 cash) on winning the April trip of the month draw! [Read More]

Bylaw 05-19

Bylaw 05-19 is a Bylaw to amend Bylaw 10-17, a Bylaw to regulate the Kindersley and to Provide for Airport Authority, Rules, Regulations, and Fees. Only one fee was changed to add a maximum operating aircraft dollar amount. The second and third readings were approved. CLICK HERE for more details. [Read More]

Waste Material Reminder

Reminder that garbage or construction demo materials do not belong at the old landfill. The old landfill only accepts recycle, compost, and scrap metals! For large loads, please call Loraas at (306) 463 2008. Thanks for your cooperation! [Read More]

Kindersley Swag Winner

Congrats Melanie Ward on winning our Kindersley Swag Bag! Please stop by the office and pick it up Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm! [Read More]

Sasktel Outage May Affect Kindersley

Please take a look at this link, there will be a Sasktel outage that might affect Kindersley and area! [Read More]

Happy Easter 2019

Wishing all of our residents a safe and Happy Easter! See our Easter Hours below! [Read More]

Historian Spreads Message of Honouring Rural Women

Courtesy of Jamac Publishing Ltd.Submitted by Bill WarringtonEdited by Town of KindersleyWomen have played important roles on the farm over Saskatchewan’s history. Loverna area farmer and historian, Bill Warrington, wants people to recognize their efforts.“We don’t give them nearly the credit they need for what they did,” the historian said, referr... [Read More]

Kindersley Lagoon Funding

Kindersley has been approved for funding through the Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component for National and Regional Projects of the New Building Canada Fund. The funding is for upgrades to the Kindersley Lagoon which will allow for future capacity and growth and will ensure that we continue meeting the government regulations for treatmen... [Read More]

Thank You Richardson Pioneer!

Thanks for your generous donation to fill the pool! [Read More]

First Slide!

The Besplug Family takes the first ride down the new water slide at the Kindersley Aquatic Centre. Kiara Besplug was the lucky winner of a coloring contest put on by Dr. Lonnie Brooks, who sponsored the first ride. [Read More]

Friendly Faces

Here are some of the friendly faces you will see if you are headed to the Aquatic Centre! [Read More]

First Jump

The Hopkins Family taking their first jump into the pool during our first public swim! [Read More]

Kindersley Aquatic Centre Public Swimming

The Kindersley Aquatic Centre will be opening with some public swimming sessions on the weekend! Here is the schedule: [Read More]

Kindersley Aquatic Centre Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Kindersley Aquatic Centre will be having their ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 1:00PM. Public swimming will not be available during the time of the ceremony. Schedules will be released for the weekend. Everyone is welcome! [Read More]

Town of Kindersley Public Notice Regarding Cannabis Production Facilities and Cannabis Retail Stores

Public notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley intends to adopt a bylaw under the Planning and Development Act, 2007 to amend Bylaw No.04 -14, known as the Zoning Bylaw.INTENTThe proposed bylaw amendment will:Add new definitions for “Cannabis Production Facility” and “Cannabis Retail Store”;Add discretionary use criteria f... [Read More]

Snow Removal - Stewart Crescent, Frere Street, and Coleman Crescent

We will be doing snow removal on Stewart Crescent and Frere Street tomorrow (Friday, March 1st) and Coleman Crescent on Monday morning (March 4th)... please move your vehicles off the street prior to the date of the removal. Thanks for your cooperation! [Read More]

Valentines Day Swag Bags

Congrats Linda J Knox Webster and Janet & Cory Harris on winning our Valentines Day Swag Bags! Thanks for participating in our draw! [Read More]

Snow Shovelling

Just a reminder to make sure to shovel your sidewalks within 48 hours of the latest snowfall! [Read More]

WATER ADVISORY RESCINDED - 300 Block of 7th Ave. West

There is no longer a boil water advisory for the 300 Block of 7th Avenue West. Residents can return to routine water usage. [Read More]

January Trip of the Month Winners

Congratulations to Tammy Sanche and Kaci Leys on winning the January trip of the month draw! [Read More]

Town of Kindersley Public Notice: Bylaw 01-19 to Amend Bylaw 03-14 The Official Community Plan Bylaw of the Town of Kindersley

Town of Kindersley Public Notice: Bylaw 01-19 to Amend Bylaw 03-14 The Official Community Plan Bylaw of the Town of KindersleyPublic notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Kindersley intends to adopt a bylaw under the Planning and Development Act, 2007 to amend Bylaw No. 03-14, known as the Official Community Plan Bylaw.INTENTThe pr... [Read More]

Who to Call

Do you know who to call? [Read More]

Christmas Swag Bags

Congrats Cheryl Molnar and Susan Warner Hutchinson on winning our Christmas Swag Bags! Drop by the Town Office to pick them up! [Read More]

Please Remove Your Gutter Ramps

Gutter ramps, curb matting, or rubber curbing... whatever you call them, they must be removed! It's winter now and we will have difficulty clearing your streets if left over winter! Thanks for your cooperation! [Read More]

Resident Snow Clearing Responsibilities

Just a Friendly Reminder About Resident Snow Removal ResponsibilitiesEffective snow removal and plowing of snow on Town streets is a cooperative effort of both the Town street crews and local residents. Your cooperation helps keep the streets safe for travel.Please note the following:Plowed berms may interfere with the flow of traffic for a short p... [Read More]

November Trip of the Month Winners

Congratulations to our Trip of the Month Winners Robin & Yvette Gutenberg and Sarah & Trent Benjaminson! Enjoy! [Read More]

Kindersley Swag Bags... Coffee or Tea Poll

Congrats to the most recent Swag Bag winner-Judy Bakanec! Thanks to all for participating in the poll! Stay tuned for our next question! [Read More]

Kindersley Regional Ministry of Agriculture Office Grand Opening

On October 12, the Kindersley Regional Ministry of Agriculture Office had their grand opening, and we were lucky enough to have an invite! If you stop by, you’ll see these smiling faces and many more! [Read More]

We Love the Environment... Don't We?

So WHY are we putting things down the sewers that don't belong? Here’s a reminder of the things we DO NOT put down our drains and toilets:GreaseRagsPaper towelSanitary napkinsBaby wipes and diapersHousehold hazardous wasteLatex glovesMakeup wipesNot only can this cause environmental problems, it can also cause your sewers in your home or busin... [Read More]

If You Missed the Highway 7 Corridor Information Night

The evening of October 23 brought a great turnout to the Highway 7 Corridor Information Night. If you missed the meeting, don't worry, you can see the topics discussed HERE. You can still make comments and suggestions HERE.For more information, have a look at the Government of Saskatchewan's WEBSITE. [Read More]

Kindersley Swag Bags

Congrats to our Swag Bag winners Larissa Friesen and Paula Tumback! Thanks for participating in our draws! Keep your eyes peeled for more in the upcoming months! [Read More]

Waste Reduction Week

Next week (October 15-21) is Waste Reduction Week in Kindersley! Come back and check later for more information! [Read More]

Fire Safety Week

October 7-13 is Fire Prevention Week! Click HERE for fire safety tips! [Read More]

Town of Kindersley CAO and Deputy Administrator

Audrey Hebert was appointed as the new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in the Town of Kindersley. Kim Vogel will be the new Deputy Administrator. [Read More]

Goose Festival Reschedule

The annual Goose Festival still went on, even though the weather did not want to cooperate all weekend. Events included potato peeling, a karaoke contest, bouncy castles, a cabaret, and many more festivities. The Parade will be rescheduled to Saturday, September 29 at 11:00am. See their website and Facebook for more! You can also contact Denise Sar... [Read More]

Goose Festival Coming Soon

The 2018 Goose Festival is September 20-23 and we are looking for the following: - pie eating contest participants for Thursday, September 20 at 5:00pm- small groups of people (4-5) that would like to participate in this year’s potato peeling/goose plucking contest. This event would take place on Thursday, September 20 at 5:30pm on the downtown sta... [Read More]

Wonderful Memories

Retta Thompson was a former resident of the T Eaton Co. house, currently located at the Kindersley and District Plains Museum, donated by herself and her sister May. She recently donated original artifacts from the house including an alarm clock and photograph of her father, Mr. Johnston Hill. In 1918 the precut lumber for the house was sent from B... [Read More]

Tourist Information Centre Closed for the Season

Even though the tourism season is over, you can still check out our Tourism Kindersley Blog or Instagram where our friendly Tourism Advisors Anna and Kerry regularly post new and unique things to do, taste, see, and enjoy!Make sure to check out the new addition to the Tourism Centre- a Pop Up Library! Take a book, leave a book, share a book, keep a... [Read More]

Recreational Vehicles

Now that summer is coming to an end, and fall is beginning, you may be bringing home recreational vehicles for winterization. These vehicles are only permitted on the roadway for 72 hours before they must be removed. Violators will be ticketed.Traffic Bylaw 12-17, Section 24.1There will also be no parking or driving on public parks, playgrounds, or... [Read More]

Fall is on it's way...

As we move towards the fall season, it is important to keep yards and alleyways free of debris. These areas make for a warm home for unwanted pests.Reminder: Do not litter, keep your community clean!For more information see Bylaw 19-08, sections 8-13.Any questions or concerns, please contact the Town Office at: (306) 463 2675. [Read More]

Council Highlights Sept. 10 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday September 10, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding bylaws, the firehall design and build project, and suicide prevention day.After a second reading of Bylaw 10-18 being a Bylaw to Amend Bylaw No. 03-14, Town of Kindersley Official Community Plan it was read a third time and approved.C... [Read More]

Water Meter Check

A friendly reminder to all residents that Kindersley Employees will be stopping by to check water meters. Anyone who is not following regulations referring to Bylaw 16-09 - (Amendment 05-18) will be ticketed.ALWAYS take caution in who you are letting into your home. Make sure to double-check their credentials. Kindersley Employees will have their o... [Read More]

Still Recruiting Aquatic Centre Staff

We are looking to assemble a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and highly engaged employees to work as lifeguards and pool staff for Kindersley's Indoor Aquatic Centre, opening in 2018. If you are interested in applying or learning more about the opportunities available (including required training and certification processes), contact us at 306-... [Read More]

Temporary Road Closures 12 Ave E and 6 Ave W

The roads 12th Ave E and 6th Ave W will be closed temporarily to add an asphalt sealant on Thursday September 6, 2018. Thank you for your patience! [Read More]

Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory- 7th Ave W, 8th Ave W, 10th St W Rescinded

The Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) for 7th Ave W, 8th Ave W, and 10th St W has been rescinded as of August 31st, 2018. A PDWA was established as part of a water leak repair. For more information please visit: [Read More]

Kindersley Approved for Disaster Assistance After July 10 Storm

The Town of Kindersley has received approval under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) to be designated as an eligible assistance area for eligible loss and damages to public and/or private property due to heavy rain and plow winds on July 10, 2018.Click here to view complete PDAP information on the Government of Saskatchewan website.... [Read More]

Town to Apply for Disaster Assistance on Behalf of Citizens

On July 10, a Severe Thunder Storm Warning was issued for Kindersley and surrounding area. Commencing at approximately 7:00 PM, the community experienced winds gusting upward of 74km, and heavy rainfall estimated around 32mm (1.26 inches). Numerous reports are being received regarding the storm's damage to private and public property.Council o... [Read More]

Hydrant Replacements Scheduled for Summer 2018

As part of our long-term infrastructure maintenance and asset management plan, the Town of Kindersley will be replacing 7 fire hydrants throughout the summer. The following hydrants are scheduled for replacement in 2018:This hydrant replacement program is a major capital upgrade to the utility infrastructure and is an added measure of safety for re... [Read More]

2018 Water Main Replacement Work Underway

Water main replacement is scheduled to get underway on Monday, May 28 beginning with the installation of temporary water service lines to affected properties along King Drive and 2nd Street West.Excavation work is slated to begin on Monday, June 4 starting at the intersection of 8th Street West and King Drive and moving toward 2nd Street East. Resi... [Read More]

Assessment Roll Open

The Assessment Roll for the Town of Kindersley for the year 2018 has been prepared and is open for inspection in the office of the assessor from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, from April 27 to May 29, 2018. Assessment Notices have been issued in accordance with Section 214 of The Municipalities Act. Any person wishing to appeal an assess... [Read More]

Road and Water Main Infrastructure Work Approved for 2018

Council has approved the Town of Kindersley's planned road and underground infrastructure work for 2018 and will invest approximately $1.08 million in water main replacement, sidewalk and road reconstruction, and asphalt paving. The primary areas for work in 2018 will be King Drive and 2nd Street West (from Carmichael Avenue to King Drive), wi... [Read More]

Kindersley Honours Humboldt Broncos

In a silent ceremony held at 10:00 a.m. this morning, Mayor Rod Perkins along with Chief Administrative Officer Bernie Morton lowered the flags at the Kindersley Administration Office to half-mast in honour of the victims and the injured at the tragic bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team on Friday, April 6.The flags at the Administr... [Read More]

Government of Saskatchewan Wants Your Feedback About Highway 7

A study is underway to identify and prioritize safety improvements along Highway 7 in the Town of Kindersley. Knowing what steps to take in preparing for future highway and infrastructure improvements is important to the Government of Saskatchewan. To start the project, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure encourages you to complete a survey... [Read More]

Government Accepting Requests to Develop Child Care Spaces

Each year, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education accepts requests for child care space development from organizations interested in developing a child care centre. Child care spaces are allocated as government resources become available. The Ministry of Education is encouraging organizations, including municipalities, interested in developing a ch... [Read More]

Town Hall Scheduled to Discuss Cannabis Legislation

RCMP and the Town of Kindersley are inviting community feedback on the implications of cannabis legislation that will come into effect across Canada this year. Local officials are responsible for creating appropriate regulations within Kindersley in accordance with the Government of Canada's plan to legalize the recreational use and sale of ca... [Read More]

Town Commemorates Canada 150 Tree Project

At a brief ceremony held Friday, November 17, 2017, the Town of Kindersley proudly acknowledged the support of Tree Canada, the Government of Canada, and CN Rail for their contributions to the planting of trees to recognize Canada's 150th anniversary. Kindersley was the recipient of $4,840 from Tree Canada's "Tree to our Nature" grant, an... [Read More]

Seeking By-Election Workers

A by-election will be held in the Kindersley constituency before March 1, 2018. Elections Saskatchewan is seeking workers to fill jobs in the returning office and in the polling stations for advanced voting and on by-election day.Visit to learn more and apply. [Read More]

Regional Bylaw Court Established in Kindersley

Forty-three municipalities across west central Saskatchewan have partnered in the establishment of a regional bylaw court - the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. The court, which commences on Thursday, November 16 in Kindersley, will be a Provincial Court established for the purpose of hearing municipal bylaw matters of the 43 partnering municipal... [Read More]

Kindersley Youth Committee Wins Municipal Award

A Town of Kindersley initiative to involve youth in the community is the recipient of a 2017 Saskatchewan Municipal Award.The Kindersley Youth Committee claims the third place honour this year, acknowledged for revitalizing youth engagement in Kindersley, increasing the contributions of young people, and supporting intergenerational connection. The... [Read More]

Update on Pool Construction

Click to see more updates on Town of Kindersley Facebook pageExciting News!Posted 2019-02-04Posted below are the final construction photos of the Kindersley Aquatic Centre! Training is ongoing and our representatives are working hard to ensure we have a facility that is the safest it can be for our residents and guests!Leisure Pool, Tot's Pool... [Read More]

Sewer Flushing Program Complete

Cycle 2 of the Town of Kindersley's annual sewer flushing program is now complete. The work began on Friday, October 20 and involved flushing out all sewer mains in multiple areas throughout Rosedale and other main routes as indicated in the map below. The sewer flushing program is separated into three cycles over a three-year rotation. Cycle ... [Read More]

Watermain Replacement Complete on 2nd Ave W

Replacement of 172 metres of water main pipe on 2nd Avenue West was completed on Thursday, October 19.Council approved the emergency water main work at a Special Meeting of Council held Monday, October 2, as a result of line breaks that occurred in late September due to corroded and aging pipe. The project involved replacement of 172 metres of wate... [Read More]

State of Emergency Ended for West Central Region

Evacuation notices have been lifted for the communities of Burstall, Leader, Mendham, and the RM of Deerforks. Although all are still without power as of 10:30 a.m., residents are free to return to their homes as wildfires no longer pose an imminent risk to the region.Kindersley served as a host community to fire evacuees from surrounding communiti... [Read More]

Officials Celebrate Sod-Turning for Regional Landfill

Officials of Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI) and its participating municipalities, and Loraas Environmental Services Ltd. gathered west of Kindersley to celebrate the official sod-turning of the new regional landfill project.Loraas has entered into an agreement with WRLI to construct and operate the new landfill, which will replace the existi... [Read More]

Construction of Regional Landfill Project Ready to Begin

Officials of the Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI) are celebrating the start of construction for the new regional landfill with a sod-turning ceremony scheduled for 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, August 30, 2017.A total of 18 municipalities throughout west central Saskatchewan are partnering in this regional project at an overall budget of $3.75 millio... [Read More]

Fire Ban Cancelled

Given recent rainfall, the threat of fire is less severe within the Town of Kindersley. Therefore, effective August 14, the Fire Ban Declaration made on July 30, 2017 is hereby rescinded.Official Notice of Cancellation [Read More]

Paving of 12th Avenue to Begin Last Week of July

Kindersley's 2017 road infrastructure work is underway beginning with new asphalt paving on 6th Avenue West, in addition to patchwork where recent sidewalk construction is now complete.It is anticipated that re-paving of 12th Avenue (the service road north of Highway 7) will begin as early as Monday, July 24. Thank you in advance to businesses... [Read More]

Additional Pedestrian Lights Planned for Main Street Traffic Signals

Installation of the new Main Street traffic signals is finished, however, additional pedestrian lights are to be added to each intersection before the project will be considered officially complete. Four more signals will be installed at each lighted intersection to ensure that crosswalks are safe to navigate from all directions.Approximately $261,... [Read More]

Fill the Pool Campaign Launches

Having commemorated the sod-turning for Kindersley’s new indoor aquatic centre on July 5, Council is now set to focus efforts on obtaining sponsorship and donations for the $6.6 million project.The Fill the Pool Campaign will officially launch on Monday, July 10 and will offer a variety of options for businesses and individuals to make financial co... [Read More]

Construction of New Indoor Aquatic Centre Now Underway

Officials gathered at the site of Kindersley’s new indoor aquatic centre this morning to celebrate the ceremonial turning of sod that signals the start of construction.The 21,000 ft2 facility will boast a Junior Olympics-size 6-lane pool, a 2500 ft2 leisure pool, hot tub, 150 ft waterslide, rock climbing wall, party rooms, and outdoor patio, among ... [Read More]

Mosquito Control Efforts Expanded to include Malathion Application

The Town will amplify mosquito control efforts this week with the application of malathion in green spaces throughout Kindersley. The extra measures have been directed by Council to combat already high levels of mosquitos throughout the community and to ensure that parks and green spaces can be enjoyed throughout the spring and summer months.Malath... [Read More]

Updates: Spray Pad Open; Main Street Traffic Signals Project Upcoming

The Fat Cats Spray Pad is officially open for the summer season in Baker Park. Please ensure that children using the spray pad are adequately supervised at all times.The spray pad operates by push button control. Timers are set to enable use between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.---Due to contractor availability, replacement of the Main Street tra... [Read More]

Musical Ride Tickets On Sale Monday, May 1

The Town of Kindersley is proud to present the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride. A Canadian tradition since 1876, a troop of 32 scarlet coated “Mounties” on majestic black horses present a 30 minute show of intricate figures and cavalry drills choreographed to music.Take advantage of this truly Canadian experience and see one of our natio... [Read More]

Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Work to Begin

Curb/gutter and sidewalk work is scheduled to begin on Saturday, April 29 along 6th Avenue. Residents along 6th Avenue will be notified by door knocker with pertinent information pertaining to the infrastructure work.Some driveways may be inaccessible for a short period of time during the curb/gutter and apron work but residents should be able to p... [Read More]

PUBLIC NOTICE: Intent to Long-Term Borrow

Public Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with the Public Notice Bylaw, No. 20-05 adopted by the Town of Kindersley, and in accordance with The Municipalities Act, the following items will be discussed by the Council of the Town of kindersley at its Regular Meeting of Council to be held at 7:00 pm on Monday, May 8, 2017 at the Town Office l... [Read More]

Pool Design Officially Unveiled

The design of Kindersley’s proposed new pool has been unveiled and fundraising momentum surges ahead with the success of Saturday’s Zest of the West event.More than 650 ticketholders enjoyed food, drinks, and live entertainment at the West Central Events Centre on April 22. Vendors from throughout the Prairie provinces offered samples of their loca... [Read More]

Aquatic Facility Negotiations to Commence

A decision by Council to enter negotiations with a consortium led by Western Recreation and Pro-bilt Structures brings the construction of a new aquatic centre for Kindersley one step closer.At a Special Meeting of Council Tuesday night, Council voted unanimously to move forward, approving the consortium as the successful proponent out of seven fir... [Read More]

Assessment Roll Now Open

Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll for the Town of Kindersley for the year 2017 has been prepared and is open to inspection in the office of the assessor from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the following days: Monday to Friday, March 31, 2017 to May 30, 2017.A bylaw pursuant to Section 214 of The Municipalities Act has been passed and the a... [Read More]

Spring Work Beginning Around Kindersley

As Kindersley experiences spring weather, our priority is to clean sand and salt residue off the streets. Sand and salt is used throughout the winter months to treat surface ice and ensure that roadways and intersections are safe for travel. Higher amounts of sediment can be found on priority routes, which include main arterial roads, emergency rou... [Read More]

Aquatic Facility Project Generates Interest

A call for companies interested in designing and constructing Kindersley’s new aquatic facility was successful in generating seven submissions.The Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) published by the Town of Kindersley officially closed on February 24, 2017 and the submissions are currently under adjudication by a committee consisting of thr... [Read More]

Precautionary Water Advisory NO LONGER IN EFFECT for Water Vending Station Users

All water tests have returned good quality and the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory is NO LONGER IN EFFECT for the Industrial Area Water Vending Station, Open Camp Lodge, and Ish Energy.Posted 02/16/2017 9:49 AMWith repairs to a water leak in the Industrial Area completed this morning, a Precuationary Drinking Water Advisory is now in effect f... [Read More]

Water Leak Repaired

The water leak between 5th Street Crescent and 8th Street West has been successfully repaired. Crews were able to perform the repair without disrupting water service so there is no Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory in effect as a result.Posted February 17, 2017 9:43 a.m.A water leak has been detected by St. Olaf Lutheran Church and will cause a... [Read More]

Scheduled Snow Removal February 14, 2017

Please be advised the following streets are scheduled for snow removal, February 14, 2017:2nd Street East3rd Street East4th Avenue WestIn order to ensure streets are cleaned as efficiently as possible, citizens are asked to avoid parking vehicles on the street, if at all possible, in areas scheduled for snow clearing. [Read More]

Scheduled Snow Removal February 10, 2017

Please be advised the following streets are scheduled for snow removal, February 10, 2017:1st Street E (Railway Ave to 7th Ave)1st Street W (Railway Ave to 7th Ave)5th Avenue (3rd St W to 2nd St E)In order to ensure streets are cleaned as efficiently as possible, citizens are asked to avoid parking vehicles on the street, if at all possible, in are... [Read More]

Scheduled Snow Removal February 9, 2017

Please be advised the following streets are scheduled for snow removal, February 9, 2017:7th Avenue East7th Avenue West1st Street West (from 4th Ave W to 11th Ave W)Carmichael AvenueIn order to ensure streets are cleaned as efficiently as possible, citizens are asked to avoid parking vehicles on the street, if at all possible, in areas scheduled fo... [Read More]

Scheduled Snow Removal February 8, 2017

Please be advised the following streets are scheduled for snow removal, February 8, 2017:3rd Street West (from 4th Avenue W to 8th Street W)5th Avenue West (500 block)West RoadThomson DriveStewart CrescentIn order to ensure streets are cleaned as efficiently as possible, citizens are asked to avoid parking vehicles on the street, if at all possible... [Read More]

Sewer Maintenance in Industrial Area

Public Works is currently flushing sewer lines throughout the Industrial Area as part of its annual maintenance program. Please drive with caution over the next few days as manholes have been uncovered to do this work. Flushing work is expected to be complete by Monday, November 7. The final phase of this year's work will be 13th Avenue East.T... [Read More]

Kindersley Voters Elect Rod Perkins as Mayor

An increased number of citizens headed to the polls on October 26 to elect Rod Perkins as Kindersley’s next Mayor.A total of 1182 votes were cast on Election Day. An additional 169 votes were cast during the October 13 Advance Poll, totalling 1351 overall. This represents an increase of 210 votes (18.4 percent) over the last municipal election in 2... [Read More]

Main Street to Have New Traffic Signals Soon

Replacement of Kindersley’s Main Street traffic signals is scheduled to be complete before the end of the year.Council approved a motion to proceed with the purchase and installation of new traffic signals on Main Street during the Regular Meeting of Council on October 11. The project will cost $261,044 and will result in improved safety and visibi... [Read More]

New Park Project Still Moving Ahead

Planning for the "Coleman Park" project continues to move forward. The committee will be making its final decision and purchase of new playground equipment this fall. Grant funding in the amount of $22,500 was received for this portion of the project.Wet ground throughout much of the summer and fall has delayed earth moving and seeding of the area ... [Read More]

Tests Confirm Accuracy of Water Meters

Independent tests of several radio frequency water meters issued to Kindersley residents have confirmed that the meters are accurate in their readings.In August, at the request of two residents who were concerned about their recent utility bills, residential water meters were sent to the Federal Government’s Measurement Canada division for testing.... [Read More]

Call for Nominations for Sun West School Division

Form H 160422 (Subdivision 9).pdfBoard Subdivisions Map 160329.pdf [Read More]

Water Leak Repairs Complete

UPDATE: Water leak repairs COMPLETE without disruption to service.Thanks to all crew members for your quick response!9:05 AM 09/15/2016Approximately six homes will experience water service disruption today as crews fix a water leak behind 700 Main Street that occurred last evening, September 14.Valves have been turned off to repair the leak and may... [Read More]