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Council Highlights-December 10, 2018 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, December 10, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding the recreation reserve, the fire hall reserve, and the dates of the meetings of Council in 2019.Council approved the transfer of $25,000 to the Recreation Reserve and $32,000 to the Fire Hall Reserve for projects included but not comp... [Read More]

Council Highlights-November 26, 2018 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, November 26, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding bylaw amendments, a lease agreement at the airport, and the new fire hall.A public hearing was convened to discuss Bylaw 13-18 being a Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 04-14 the Kindersley Zoning Bylaw. Hearing no objections, the Bylaw was subseq... [Read More]

Council Highlights-November 13, 2018 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding Aquatic Centre fees, representatives to the Executive Board of the Western Regional Landfill Inc, and more.Council approved the presentation of the rates for the new Aquatic Centre. This is one more step complete towards opening the ... [Read More]

Council Highlights-October 22 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, October 22, 2018. The following resolutions were made regarding an Option to Purchase Agreement, a Kindersley Tourism advertisement, and approval of the Consent Agenda.Council directed the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to enter an Option to Purchase Agreement with Her Majesty the Que... [Read More]

Council Highlights October 9, 2018

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. The following resolutions weremade regarding bylaws, the community grant "Fall Intake", and Waste Reduction week.Council approved the second and third reading of Bylaw 11-18 Being a Bylaw to Amend 04-14 Known asthe Town of Kindersley Zoning Bylaw.The community grant "Fall Intake" ... [Read More]

Resident Snow Clearing Responsibilities

Just a Friendly Reminder About Resident Snow Removal ResponsibilitiesEffective snow removal and plowing of snow on Town streets is a cooperative effort of both the Town street crews and local residents. Your cooperation helps keep the streets safe for travel.Please note the following:Plowed berms may interfere with the flow of traffic for a short p... [Read More]

Please Remove Your Gutter Ramps

Gutter ramps, curb matting, or rubber curbing... whatever you call them, they must be removed! It's winter now and we will have difficulty clearing your streets if left over winter! Thanks for your cooperation! [Read More]

November Trip of the Month Winners

Congratulations to our Trip of the Month Winners Robin & Yvette Gutenberg and Sarah & Trent Benjaminson! Enjoy! [Read More]

Kindersley Swag Bags... Coffee or Tea Poll

Congrats to the most recent Swag Bag winner-Judy Bakanec! Thanks to all for participating in the poll! Stay tuned for our next question! [Read More]

Kindersley Regional Ministry of Agriculture Office Grand Opening

On October 12, the Kindersley Regional Ministry of Agriculture Office had their grand opening, and we were lucky enough to have an invite! If you stop by, you’ll see these smiling faces and many more! [Read More]

Kindersley Mall Grand Re-Opening

We’d like to congratulate the Kindersley Mall on their Grand Re-Opening, as well as Peavey Mart and Buy Low Foods on their Grand Openings! What an exciting time for Kindersley! [Read More]

Can I Walk on the Ice at the Motherwell Reservoir?

Residents should be advised of the potential danger of thin ice at all times during winter months. With the constant movement of water in the reservoir, the ice can shift and create dangerous situations. Please exercise great caution.Residents are urged not to be on the ice surface unless notices have been posted indicating that the ice surface is ... [Read More]

Loraas Pick-up Schedule for 2019

Click HERE to see the Loraas pick-up schedule for 2019 [Read More]

Western Regional Landfill Grand Opening

On Wednesday we celebrated the opening of the new landfill facility for Kindersley and the surrounding area. 19 amazing municipalities contributed to this project! We are excited to have the Western Regional Landfill open for business! [Read More]

No Public Skating Today-Dec. 5

There will be no public skating today from 12:00-3:15pm. Sorry for the inconvenience. [Read More]

Aquatic Courses

The Kindersley Aquatic Centre will be offering these courses:Exercise Theory (Jan. 3-4 8:30am-5:30pm), $200.00Aquatic Fitness (Jan. 24-25 8:30am-5:30pm), $200.00*Note: you must have the Exercise Theory Course before taking Aquatic Fitness.Contact Chantelle Benjamin at (306) 463 1823 or [Read More]

Aquatic Centre Pricing

Check out our new commercial featuring our swim passes! Prices are listed below!We are getting close to the opening of our new Aquatic Centre! We are expected to have things running in January 2019! Here's a sneak peek at the prices for membership passes. They will be available coming up in December! Stay tuned for more information!Daily Admis... [Read More]

A Great Performance!

Thanks to Coco Love Alcorn for putting on such a great show! The Kindersley and District Arts Council has another show coming up on Friday! Get your tickets! Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean there isn’t an awesome tourist opportunity! This goes for all you local tourists as well! [Read More]

Remembrance Day Statutory Holiday

The West Central Events Centre will be open from 3:00pm to 11:00pm on November 12th, 2018! [Read More]

October 2018 Trip of the Month

Congratulations to Arden & Sherry Andreas and Dennis & Cindy Schoeler on winning the October 2018 trip of the month! [Read More]