Request for Proposals to Design-Build Fire Hall

The Town of Kindersley is seeking an interested Design-Build consortium for the construction of a new Fire Hall from which the Town and Rural Municipality of Kindersley will operate their emergency response services. The Fire Department currently operates with 20 to 30 volunteer fire fighters and five or more fire response vehicles. The new facility is required to meet the emergency response needs of the community for 30+ years to come.  As such it will be built for a greater capacity than the current facility which it is intended to replace.

The primary function of the Fire Hall is to provide a place that personnel, apparatus, and gear can be kept perpetually ready to respond to emergency incidents at any time. Important secondary functions are: training, meetings, general office functions, storage, and post-incident tasks.

The new Fire Hall is designed to be built on 1.7 acres of Town owned property on Railway Avenue and is to consist of five bays, a training area, a hose tower, rest area for eight personnel, and a substantial amount of equipment.

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Publication of Request for Proposals
July 19
Question Deadline
July 25      at 12:00 pm (noon) local SK time
Deadline for Town to Publish Addenda
July 27
Submission Deadline
August 2    at 4:00 pm

*amended to August 8 (as per Addendum 1)

*amended to August 10 (as per Addendum 1)

*amended to August 16 (as per Addendum 1)

Construction is to commence at or before the spring of 2019.

Date Updated: August 10, 2018 - 2:26 PM