Mosquito Control Efforts Expanded to include Malathion Application

Mosquito Control Efforts Expanded to include Malathion Application

The Town will amplify mosquito control efforts this week with the application of malathion in green spaces throughout Kindersley. The extra measures have been directed by Council to combat already high levels of mosquitos throughout the community and to ensure that parks and green spaces can be enjoyed throughout the spring and summer months.

Malathion is an outdoor insecticide that can be applied topically and has shown to be effective in eradicating mosquitos and ticks. As per provincial regulations, licensed applicators are required and public notice is to be given prior to treatment of any public area. The Town currently employs three individuals who are licensed as Mosquito and Biting Fly Pesticide Applicators.

Malathion will be applied to all public green spaces beginning the evening of Wednesday, May 17. Signs will be posted in locations once the malathion has been applied.

Since the application of the malathion will be done via a quad-mounted sprayer and not aerially, the concern of airborne contact with the chemical is greatly reduced. However, residents near a public green space may wish to close their windows during the evening and early morning hours and to remain indoors while spraying is taking place.

Malathion will be applied to all Kindersley parks, including the Senses Unleashed Dog Park, Baker Park and Fat Cats Spray Pad, ball diamonds and soccer fields, and Motherwell Community Walking Trail.

In addition to malathion, Town employees will continue the regular practice of treating standing water throughout the Kindersley and immediate perimeter with Vectobac, which controls and eradicates mosquitos at the larvae stage. This has been a staple of Kindersley’s mosquito control program since 2010.

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Date Updated: May 30, 2017 - 5:58 PM