Highlights from October 10, 2017 Council Meeting

Twelve projects were awarded a total of $7,691.34 in funds from the fall intake of the 2017 Community Grant, which was introduced by Council in 2013 to support local initiatives that seek to benefit and/or improve the community. Recipients are as follows:

  • Pathway to Wellness $750  
  • Kindersley Chamber of Commerce $750
  • West Central Crisis and Family Support Centre Inc. $306.84
  • Kindersley Screen $750
  • New Life Community Church $750
  • Friends of Kinsmen Park $750
  • KAWS Animal Rescue $750
  • Prairie West Growing Project $561.50
  • Kinder Kollege Inc. $400
  • West Central Abilities Inc. $750
  • Kobra Football Parents Association $420
  • NRC Community Management Inc. $750

Council approved a motion to support the re-certification of the gun range operated by the Kindersley Wildlife Federation, located at NE 25-28-23 W of 3rd in the RM of Kindersley. The motion recognized the proximity of the range to the CN Reservoir, which is part of Kindersley’s treated water supply, and the assurance Council has received from the Wildlife Federation that only registered members have access to the area, and that by utilizing berms and backstops, effective measures are in place to contain projectiles to the gun range site and away from the water source.

Having successfully adopted a new Council Governance Policy, Council resolved to terminate the Governance Policy Review Committee of Council, which achieved its objective to review the previous governance model and make recommendations for the newly approved policy.

Council proclaimed October 15-21, 2017 as National Teen Driver Safety Week in Kindersley to raise awareness of the high number of teen driver fatalities related to distracted, impaired, and aggressive driving, and to identify drug-impaired driving as an emerging issue, with cannabis being the drug most commonly found in young drivers who are fatally injured in crashes. Council encourages everyone in our community, and especially all youth, to be part of the solution to prevent fatalities by making your car a drug-free zone, keeping your phone out of reach while driving, speaking up to ask a driver to not drive distracted, and planning ahead for a designated driver, taxi, or family member to give you a lift after drinking.

Michelle McMillan, Manager of Community Culture and Relations, presented to Kindersley an overview of the Kindersley Tourism Booth season, which saw an increase in visitors over 2016.

Council approved a home-based application for a discretionary use business at 30 Frere Street.

Date Updated: October 11, 2017 - 1:16 PM