Highlights from November 27, 2017 Council Meeting

Council affirmed the Children’s Charter of the Kindersley Integrated Children’s Services (KICS), as presented at Council’s November 14, 2017 Regular Meeting. In doing so, Council resolved to consider the principles outlined in the Charter when making decisions that will impact children and families; and encouraged others who are invested in the growth and development of our children and community to do the same. A copy of the Charter will be displayed some Town-owned facilities.

Due to lack of interest and participation, Council decided to discontinue the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Advisory Group, but stressed the need for continued communication and positive working relationships that have been established between the member organizations and the Town of Kindersley, and between the organizations themselves.

Council authorized the transfer of $143,550 to the Recreation Reserve for projects budgeted in 2017 but not completed.

Bylaw 10-17, a Bylaw to Regulate the Kindersley Regional Airport, and to Provide for Airport Authority, Rules, Regulations, and Fees, was given first reading by Council. It will go for second and third reading on December 11, 2017.  This bylaw will replace the previous Airport Bylaw, 11-16.

Council gave three readings and subsequently approved Traffic Bylaw 12-17, which provides standardized regulations pertaining to the procedure with which violations are noted, enforced, and brought into accordance with provincial legislation.

The General Penalties Bylaw 11-17 was given three readings and approved. It replaces the previous such bylaw adopted in 2009, and defines standardized penalties for the infractions of Kindersley bylaws that do not have a related fee schedule included as a part of the bylaw.

Council considered a request from the Best Western hotel to waive two fire false alarms, one for $500 and the other for $3000.  Council decided to uphold the provisions of the Bylaw and not waive the fees.

Council directed the Mayor and CAO to enter into an agreement for long-term borrowing, to help finance the Kindersley Aquatic Centre, with Synergy Credit Union following a detailed RFP process.  The approved fixed interest rate is 3.16% for a 15-year term on a $3.5 million loan.

Date Updated: December 4, 2017 - 12:35 PM