Highlights from May 28 ,2018 Council Meeting

Council approved the 2018 Mill Rate and Minimum Tax at its Regular Meeting, in addition to Bylaw 06-18, which establishes the Mill Rate Factors for the Town of Kindersley. Minimum municipal tax for residential property remains $1,240, and for commercial and other properties, $2,140.
The 2018 Municipal Uniform Mill Rate remains unchanged at 9.7, and the following Mill Rate Factors will be applied to the uniform mill rate and levied against taxable land, improvements, and property:

Residential, Multi-Unit Residential,
Commercial/Industrial, Elevators, Railway Rights of Way, Pipeline

Council deferred making a decision on whether to permit a cannabis retail store within Kindersley town limits until January 2019 and directed Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Bernie Morton to notify the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority of this decision.
Council directed Mayor Rod Perkins and the CAO to enter into an Amending Agreement with Kindersley Airspray Ltd. The amendment will alter lot dimensions to create a larger area than originally designated in the agreement.
Council rescinded Resolution 122-18, reversing a decision adopted during the March 26, 2018 Regular Meeting to suspend the Kindersley Community Initiatives Program (KCIP) grant program for 2018 and direct a majority of funding to the planned Wall of Champions. Applications will now be accepted from community groups until June 22 for 2018 KCIP funding, which will be allocated by July.
Resident Bill O’Sullivan was appointed to represent the Town of Kindersley as a Member at Large on the Regional Park Authority Board for a one-year term.
The month of June was proclaimed as National Brain Injury Awareness Month in support of efforts by the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association to increase awareness of the effects and causes of acquired brain injury across Canada.

Date Updated: May 29, 2018 - 11:55 AM