Highlights from June 25, 2018 Council Meeting

Approximately two dozen Kindersley residents primarily representing the neighbourhood of Coleman Crescent and Caleb Village addressed Council to voice opinions on the location of the proposed West Central Safe Shelter near their property. The project, an initiative proposed by the West Central Crisis and Family Support Centre, was first publicly acknowledge with an open forum held Tuesday, June 19 at Caleb Village with the intent of soliciting feedback from residents of the area. Spokespersons Keith Isberg and Greg Dionne said the group’s primary concerns related to safety for children and impact to property values, but they acknowledged the need for the shelter and were willing to assist in determining an alternate location that would be better suited.

Following an hour-long discussion between the delegates and Council that generated many comments, Council passed a resolution to establish a committee, chaired by the Mayor and in conjunction with the Crisis Centre, to work expeditiously toward finding a location for the proposed shelter. Many representatives of the delegation added their names to the committee list following their address to Council. The first meeting of the committee is to take place no later than July 5, and the committee is to report back to Council at its July 16, 2018 Regular Meeting.

Deputy Administrator Audrey Hebert was appointed as Interim Administrator, effective July 27, 2018.

Council directed Mayor Rod Perkins and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Bernie Morton to enter into the following agreements:

  • An agreement with Captain Grass for a two-year term for the provision of services related to Order to Remedies.
  • An Easement Agreement with SaskTel

Council directed Administration to develop a customized alternative tax incentive draft agreement as per Section 4.e of Bylaw 05-17, The Economic Incentive Tax Exemption Bylaw; and that the draft agreement be with Rocky Mountain Equipment Dealerships Inc. for the development of raw land Parcel #120910991. The exemption is to be based on the value of construction – five years for a value of $5 million or more; three years for a value of under $5 million – and all provisions of Bylaw 05-17 shall apply. The draft agreement is to be brought back to Council for consideration, debate, and approval.

In recognition and support of the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics in July 2018 and the organization’s longstanding efforts to build communities of understanding, inclusion, and respect, and to end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities, Council proclaimed July 21, 2018 as Global Day of Inclusion. The Town of Kindersley recognizes and applauds Special Olympics for 50 years of building a more inclusive world and empowering people with and without intellectual disabilities and encourages the citizens of Kindersley to join in their local Special Olympics organization’s activities.

Date Updated: June 26, 2018 - 1:07 PM