Council Highlights - March 11, 2019 Regular Meeting

Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, March 11, 2019. The following resolutions were made regarding the amendment to Bylaw 04-14 Known as the Zoning Bylaw, services for the new Fire Hall, and accepting the accounts of the Town of Kindersley.

A new Councillor was sworn in at the meeting. Chris Baker, manager of family-owned business Luk Plumbing, Heating, & Electric Ltd. will be joining the team for the remainder of the term.

Council held a public hearing in regards to the amendments to Bylaw 04-14 Known as the Zoning Bylaw. The amendments included the regulations of the sale and production of cannabis in Kindersley. Hearing no concerns, the Bylaw was read a third time and passed. The amendments can be viewed by calling the Town Office.

A Customer Agreement with SaskTel was made for the installation of the cable required to provide new services to the new Fire Hall.

Council accepted the Audited Financial Statement (dated November 30, 2019) and the Board Report to Council (dated November, 2018) of the Eston-Kindersley Water Administration Board. Information was prepared by MNP LLP Chartered Professional Accountants.

The "List of Representation to Committees and Boards 2019, as Amended March 11, 2019" was approved.

Accounts of the Town of Kindersley were accepted as submitted in the amount of $256,977.94.

Council approved the Consent Agenda including the following items: Correspondence for Acceptance and Filing (Kindersley Regional Library Funding Request - 2019, E-K Water Admin Board Pumping Report - February 2019)

Date Updated: March 12, 2019 - 4:48 PM