Youth Committee

The Youth Committee program is comprised of up to 10 students from Kindersley Composite School in grades 9-12. Annually, the committee will select platforms and design program, events and initiatives to engage the community and raise funds for designated local efforts.

The Kindersley Youth Committee evolved from the Kindersley Youth Council program (2009-2015). The evolution was initiated by members of the 2015 Youth Council as they were preparing presentations for the 2016 application period. These members, grades 10-12, determined that it was time to conduct a program analysis to identify what was successful, what was proving to be unsuccessful, what educational opportunities existed and their hopes for the future of youth engagement in the community. Together as a team, members drafted a new program based on their analysis, and an accompanying letter to Town Council presenting their findings. On November 23rd, 2015, Youth Council Mayor, Jillian McArthur, addressed Town Council by reading the letter and distributing a proposed new program structure. At the December 14th, 2015 Town Council meeting, a new Terms of Reference for the Youth Committee program was brought to Council and adopted. This was the establishment of the current program.

The program was established to encourage youth participation, nurture leadership development, engage future leaders and provide a mechanism for youth to communicate with Town Council and administration. The committee operates in an advisory capacity to Council providing recommendation about the needs of youth to the Town. In addition to this, members act as a leadership body representing youth in our community.

Youth Committee_Application Accepted until December 6th, 2017 4:30pm

Youth Committee - Terms of Reference

Joshua Enns-WindJace BorgalKatelyn MillerRyker OlafsonKali SprouleCourtney McKenzie

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Joshua is a returning member of Youth Committee.Jace is a returning member of Youth Committee.Katelyn is a new member of Youth Committee.Ryker is a new member of Youth Committee.Kali is a new member of Youth Committee.Courtney is a new member of Youth Committee