Fire Department


The Kindersley Fire Department is a full-service volunteer department responsible for providing an efficient and effective delivery of fire, rescue, and life-safety emergency services. The Department consists of approximately 25 men and women, including the Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, one Assistant to the Chief, three Captains, and four Lieutenants.

Eighty percent of Department members have obtained their qualifications as professional firefighters through the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.

The Fire Department also strives to improve the quality of life for Kindersley residents by providing public education and ongoing training for firefighters.


The primary goals of the Fire Department are to:

  • Reduce and prevent the loss of life and property damage
  • Quickly rescue trapped victims
  • Protect the environment from destruction

Message from the Fire Chief

(excerpt from speech at the 2011 Firemen's Ball)

"Over the past year, the town reached many milestones as it made the trip down memory lane turning 100 years old. When reflecting back it was interesting to see that in its very early years the settlers recognized the need for fire protection and began forming bylaws to deal with a safe community. Not unlike today the current Council recognizes those same essential services of life property, protection and a safe community as recognized in its ends policy number one. The fire department held its very first meeting on Dec 13, 1910 to start organizing itself to provide services to the community. We also held our regular meeting on Dec 13, 2010 - one hundred years later to the date. Over the years, Kindersley has had some devastating fires, such as the 1910 cafe fire - the first in Kindersley’s history, and it involved Mr. Lund losing his life after he re-entered the building to look for his missing child; the 1933 rink and curling rink fire; the 1971 Chan’s Cafe and Robinsons fire; the 1974 Dobni apartments fire; the 1989 Longtin Drugs; Kindersley Paint and Paper back along with Hub City Sports fire, and most recently the Jan 8, 2010 Exhibition Stadium fire.

It was apparent 100 years ago that fire brought a huge threat to our community. Today it is still apparent, and Councils then and now recognize those threats. The current day Council does its very best to help equip our modern day fire brigade with some of the best equipment available. It provides funding for training as well the administration and council give their full support to the Fire Brigade and its members. This Council just gave approval to the department to proceed with the purchase of a new rescue/pumper to be delivered in 2012. Working with Council and administration there is a long term plan for the fire service looking at the needs of the brigade and the community. I, as Fire Chief, appreciate everything that Council and administration have done and continue to do as we move ahead.

The challenges will be many with the greatest challenge, I believe, to be recruitment and retention of firefighters. The men and women of the Kindersley Fire Brigade are by far our greatest asset, without them all the funding would mean nothing. The cost to replace these volunteers with full time members would be a burden to the tax payers and unrealistic. My goal and the goal of the brigade is to continue to operate at the highest level possible, providing superior protection of both life and property to the citizens of our community in the most cost effective way possible. I believe we have achieved this goal for the past 100 years and will continue to deliver the best possible protection of life, property, and safety in the years to come."

Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

Educating yourself about fire prevention is the first step toward ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. Click on any of the following links for useful information provided by Fire Prevention Canada.

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Ron Hope

Fire Chief

107 6th Avenue East

Box 1269

Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0

Phone: (304) 463-4234

Fax: (306) 463-4577

Emergency: 911