Municipal Enforcement

The Town of Kindersley is governed by bylaws that are adopted by Town Council. All bylaws are named and filed according to the sequence and year in which they are passed (for example: Bylaw 04-15 is the fourth bylaw passed in the year 2015.) Bylaws are regularly reviewed, amended, and in some cases, repealed. In many cases, the passing of a new bylaw may result in a previous related bylaw being repealed.

To view or search for a particular bylaw name or topic, view the Town of Kindersley Bylaw Database.

Municipal Bylaw Enforcement

Primary functions of the Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Department include:

  • To educate the public in Bylaw issues
  • To educate the public about current Bylaws
  • To work with the citizens of our Community
  • To Provide a Safe and Healthy Community

We are committed to professional bylaw enforcement that is responsive to our citizens. In addition, officers privately enforce regulations as their case load allows.


The Bylaw Enforcement Department's workload is principally complaint-generated. The Department receives a substantial number of complaints each year concerning alleged violations of the Town Bylaws and other provincially and federally regulated issues. Each one is investigated to determine whether a violation exists, and appropriate actions are then taken.

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