Engineering Planning & Development

The Engineering, Planning and Development Division oversees a variety of services intended to protect, maintain, and develop an attractive, safe, and healthy community. Primary functions address property development and land use activities occurring in the Town of Kindersley. Planning and Development provides direction and leadership in implementing the goals, objectives, and policies o f the Strategic Plan as adopted by Town Council. The Division is also responsible for the orderly development of the Town and the administration of various land use regulations, including the zoning code, design review ordinances, sign code, and the cultural resources preservation ordinance.

Building and Developing

Building and Development Permit applicants are encouraged to contact the Engineering, Planning and Development Division prior to formal application submission in order to clarify issues related to the processing of their application(s).

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*Please note that failure to obtain the necessary permits listed below may result in a fine, as per the Planning & Development Act, 2007, Section 243(1).

*Failure to comply with all conditions as set out in the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act , specifically Section 22(1), will result in fines.


Development permit decisions and conditions of approval can be appealed to the Kindersley Development Appeals Board (KDAB). Appeals are made by notifying the Secretary in writing to: 
Town of Kindersley Development Appeals Board 
C/O Gord Krismer & Associates Ltd. 
2405 Gordon Rd. 
Regina, SK 
S4S 4M4

Appeals must be made within thirty (30) days of issue of the development permit notice of decision. A fee of $50 payable to the Town of Kindersley is required for every appeal.

Development Fees

Payment of development fees, where applicable, is required prior to the issuance of a development permit, in accordance with the bylaws of the Town of Kindersley. For more information on development fees, please contact the Engineering, Planning, and Development Department.

Forms, Applications, and Checklists

Development Process and Permit Fee Schedule

Download the current Town of Kindersley Development and Building Permit Fee Schedule . Completed applications should be submitted to:

Town of Kindersley
106 5th Avenue East
Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0

Planning and Zoning

Zoning regulates land uses within Kindersley limits. Each parcel in the Town is assigned to a zone which describes the regulations under which that land may be used. The Zoning Bylaw 04-14 identifies allowable uses and sets standards such as minimum lot size, maximum building height, and minimum front yard depth.

In addition, developers must consult the Building bylaw and other maps available to the public in order to located underground infrastructure and other required infrastructure and services.

Infrastructure Standards